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Photographer Stacy Kaat believes in the power to create headshots that utilize the visual nature of the human brain to attract the right people. Anyone can take a picture, but Stacy examines the subtleties of facial expression and lights the face to bring out the unique qualities of each individual. She has a gift of making people feel comfortable, providing an environment that allows people to relax and be authentic to who they are. Stacy helps dynamic people infuse personality into business pictures so they can attract the right people and communicate what it feels like to work with them.





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Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner

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Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in YOUR Business

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Why Your Headshot May be a Turn-off and How to Turn it On!

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Your headshot is your first impression. It can make or break your chances of getting a job, promotion, or even a date. In a saturated marketplace, how can you turn people on to you and your product or service? Learn how to use your headshot to showcase your unique personality, become memorable, and rise above the noise. This chapter addresses the importance of utilizing your headshot to effectively communicate what you want others to know about you, finding the right photographer, and releasing headshot fear, so you can focus on your message and attract the right people. Turn YOUR Headshot ON today!

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When I was a teenager, fashion and advertising images shaped my idea of how people should look. Unfortunately, those images don’t represent who we really are and what we have to offer the world. Over time I learned, who we are, our beliefs, and our strengths are what makes us unique. Yet, we are judged by how we look. What we project in our photographs affects how people perceive us. I’m excited when I can collaborate with people to infuse their business with personality and create authentic pictures, so they can present themselves professionally with confidence.

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