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True You in Action

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True You in Action is committed to inspiring you to connect with your true self, get your TRUE YOU in action, and live the life you love. This is done by clarifying your desired outcomes in life, and then helping you to utilize your unique gifts, talents, and strengths in pursuit of them.

At True You in Action, the combination of Provocative Coaching, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Positive Psychology are weaved together and delivered via interactive videos, workshops and coaching to help you learn the skills needed to practice living a life that you intentionally created.



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All Action, No Traction? Sometimes it's All in Your Head

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Pursuing your business goals can become both, a form of self-expression, and a source of financial livelihood. Your business, contains within it, a customized personal development program, specifically for you. Knowing how to use your gifts, talents, and strengths to create a better version of yourself, will naturally increase your business success, as well.

If you’re experiencing a lot of action and little traction in reaching your business goals, there are three critical elements that could be responsible.The challenges you face may seem as if they’re in the environment, but the answer to them is usually, in your mind.

About Author

Lori Bonaparte is a Personal Development Coach (certified with the International Coach Federation), NLP Practitioner, and Serial Entrepreneur. She is on a personal mission to help others get to the heart of their TRUE YOU within, and learn the skills needed to practice living a life that is intentionally created.

She believes that each and every one of us was created with a purpose and a personal mission. By utilizing our unique gifts, talents, and strengths to attain our desired outcomes in life, we become more connected with our purpose and feel more fully alive.

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