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The Emovation Project was founded to install a no-nonsense framework for workplace innovation inside businesses of all sizes so they can get the most from their most important resource―their people.

If you’re a leader who wants to see your people thrive, it only requires you ask, answer, and act on two simple questions.

Asking, answering, and acting on these questions leads to a very special form of innovation, innovation powered by emotions, or as we call it, emovation.

At this very moment, we are all just two questions away from a better workplace, a better career, and a better life. How do you want your people to feel? What are you going to do to have them feel that way?


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Workplace Innovation: The Path to Producing Results for Your Business

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Results. They are the focal point of business, the bottom line, and we’ll often do anything to get them. We’ll work longer hours, work on weekends, and set impossible deadlines. It used to be a simple equation. A paid employee yielded results. Today, it’s not so simple.

Business owners balance compensation, benefits, physical workspace, technology, culture, and a never-ending menu of perks―all to drive results. Thinking about the many variables can be dizzying. Which investment leads to the most bang for your buck? Hint: I haven’t even mentioned the answer.

This chapter reveals the truth about achieving results and offers a simple path you can take to producing the results you want for your business. Four easy-to-follow steps will allow you to:

1. Get a handle on your organization’s situation
2. Establish a foundation for a high-performing business
3. Generate ideas to create the future you want
4. Orchestrate teams, resources, and activities to bring your new future to life

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Danny Hadas has been serving the world’s most-iconic brands as a management consultant since 2008. Before age 30, Danny was leading multi-million dollar customer experience transformation programs.

He founded The Emovation Project, a boutique consulting firm, to share the innovative power of asking, answering, and acting on two questions: how do you want the people around you to feel? What will you do to make them feel that way?

When Danny’s not empowering businesses to get the most from their most important resource—their people—he spends time with the people he loves.

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