Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery: Obsolete Offerings

Let’s see how we may be able to rescue your business from a struggle or two you may be having… and may not even realize it yet! What we are about to discuss fits in perfectly with the discovery process we are doing of rebuilding a profitable business. Let’s begin with this amazing little lesson of […]

Rescue Business Coach’s Self-Discovery: Business Vision

Let’s talk about your Business Vision, which goes right alongside your Business Purpose, and your Business Mission Statements. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding these topics and this has left many businesses with inaccurate statements to express the level of their commitment to their customers and their marketplace! For the past two […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery: Your Business’s Direction

Hi All, I’ve been thinking a great deal since I posted the Business Movie Review of Pirates of the Caribbean IV. I was thinking about Captain Jack Sparrow’s path of direction that he takes, and doesn’t take, at times.  He is endearing indeed because he always continues to see the glass half full, has an […]

The Business Rescue Coach's Movie Review July 2011

Business Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean ~ On Stranger Tides

Let’s Stop, Look, and Listen to what the movies can teach us about our businesses… We receive lessons in the most unique places. Believe it or not, the movies provide wonderful business lessons for us! I enjoy noticing lessons which share what to do, or what not to do, as I find both are of […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery: What is our business?

Hope everyone enjoyed your mid-summer weekend! I had a fabulous opportunity late this past week to welcome my nephew Jasper Xavier into the family. As I held him, I began to think about how his life is filled with endless possibilities. Then I began to think about how all our lives are- except we tend […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery Strategy: Marketing Activites II

Continuation from yesterday’s  posting… Remember dating, and how much you liked to be courted? Well business acquaintances like this too! There’s plenty of statistics out there revealing it is necessary for you to have a great deal of contact (typically, at least seven times) before they will consider purchasing from you. Amazing, isn’t it?!?! Anything […]