Your Special Invitation to Business Success


Welcome Small Business Owner!
This is YOUR Special Invitation
for YOUR Business Success

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Welcome to this unique Special Invitation for Excelling Small Business Owners.

Why did you receive a Special Invitation? You are here because you received a Special Invitation by someone to this page. This is a “Special Invitation” page, which isn’t visible to the public. Just by being here, means someone really wants to see you succeed! Make sure you give a special thank you to your champion after you accept this Special Invitation.

Before I introduce myself, I’d like to ask you a question: Do you find yourself saying, “I need more money, more customers, more time, and less frustration?” If so, this Special Invitation is just right for you! Please read on to learn how you can stop the never ending stress of Small Business Ownership.

You probably aren’t familiar with me and what I do.
Here’s a very short introduction:

Hello, my name is Maggie Mongan. I am a full-blown possibilitarian and have my feet anchored firmly upon the earth. I am a lover of life and believe in supporting all aspects of human dignity. Many call me eclectic. Everything from Harley riding to star gazing, and marrying a Marine back in early 80s to raising two sons who have taken the music industry by storm – it’s all my truth!

I have an eclectic professional background too. I’ve worked in key leadership and management positions since the mid-80s. Don’t worry, I have plenty of certifications and even a Master Degree in Management. Whether being a CEO, a non-profit leader, or being a serial entrepreneur, I know conducting good business isn’t easy. It should be fun and satisfying. Yes, it really is possible and even necessary!

One of my well known quotes is,
“Business isn’t always easy, but it can be simple.”

So here’s why I do what I do…
After I beat my brains out for years learning how to be a Successful Small Business Owner of the 21st Century, I’ve learned quite a few things which can shave years off any Small Business Owners’ learning curve. it pains me to see too many good people suffering for no reason.

You see, most Small Business Owners don’t realize that every year they aren’t performing optimally for their type of business. Most Small Business Owners start their business not for the love of business ownership but rather for their passion to provide solutions to others.  These same Business Owners are experiencing unmet goals – often because they don’t know what they don’t know. Yet, they continue building in their accumulative (Financial) Opportunity Loss Account. Why? They don’t know how to stop the bleeding.

Most Small Business Owners are “the walking wounded” and don’t even know where they need to begin their own triage. I do.

Small Business Owners just like you, are in one of the following: Start-UP phase, Clean-UP phase, or Step-UP phase. Each phase of business growth has extremely specific needs. Every business needs a strong foundation to build upon. Do you know which phase YOUR Business falls into? If you’re not sure that’s OK, I can help you with this. YOUR Business Success Strategies differs depending on which phase you are in currently.

YOUR Special Invitation

I invite you to join me for a conversation about you and Your Business’s Performance. We would discover where you are and want to be. Additionally we could deep dive into which phase of business growth you are in and which strategies would work best for you to achieve your goals.

This Special Invitation contains much more than my No-cost Consultation I openly invite to the public. And it comes with a warning: All Business Coaches are not made equal. Take time to make sure you find the right one for you.

Your Special Invitation is a test drive. I am located in SE Wisconsin. We could meet in person (if geographically appropriate) or have a video-conference for your test drive. The choice is yours!

Are you ready to gift yourself and YOUR Business Relief?

Please feel free to call or text me directly at 262-716-7750  OR
Click my “Contact Us” Page at to email me.
Unless I’m out of the country, I promise to follow-up within 48 hours.

I look forward to serving you by sharing strategies and actions for simplifying your productivity and profitability!  

Blessings of Brilliant Business~
Maggie Mongan, Master Business Coach and Strategist
CEO of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Website & Blog:

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