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Write down what matters for guidance

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Write down goals illustrated by a couple holding an antiquated treasure map with an X on it.
When you write down what matters you achieve your goals more often.

Write down what matters for guidance

Write down whatever is most important to guide your actions to your goals. Are you someone with ambition, dreams, big goals, and want to make a difference? If so, then somewhere, either written by hand or typed, you should have your ideas and action plan written to prioritize and guide YOUR Business Performance.

When you write down goals and their supporting actions, you create a path for you and your team to follow. That path leads to a destination – your preferred destination.

Why is it important to write down your goals?

Imagine if you were a pirate and landed on a island where a treasure was buried. You place you feet on the island and start digging. You randomly dig holes whenever you feel like it.

Is it possible you may find the treasure? Yes. What is your probability of finding the buried treasure with this approach? Minimal. Yet, this is a common approach of many entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners (SBOs).

Do you randomly act in hopes of achieving YOUR Business’s Goals?

When you write down YOUR Business Goals, you create clarity regarding what you want to achieve. When you write down your action plan to guide you, you support yourself to accomplish your goals with less frustration and confusion.

Yes, it takes time writing down your goals and supporting action items; however, this activity will streamline your actions. This will get you to your buried treasure more swiftly than if you didn’t slow down to write down what matters most to you and your business.

Great dreams command great planning

The planning activity is often overlooked by SBOs. Most SBOs go about their year similar to randomly searching pirates – traveling on the winds in their sails. It’s unusual to find your treasure by behaving haphazardly.

If you have big goals for YOUR Business’s Performance, take time to write down your goals and the necessary actions you must take for success. Once you have your actions out of your head, you may begin to notice alternative ways to achieve your goals.

Don’t worry if new approaches appear. This may occur because you freed up your brain to be more creative. Perhaps some of the alternative ideas will be more even effective and efficient than what you were initially thinking. This is progress.

Successful pirates become methodical by following a map to zero in on their buried treasure – leaving little to chance. Why don’t you try this approach with what matters most to you? 

If you want a superb book on goals, Brian Tracy’s GOALS! is a great place to start.

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. What buried treasure are you seeking this year?


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p.s.: Keep it simple – keep focused on what matters most to YOUR Business’s Success by writing down your goals and supporting actions.

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