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Have the Winter Olympics influenced your business’s performance?

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: Winter Olympics illustrated by USA Bobsled Team on a run.
Were the performances of the Winter Olympics thought provoking enough or you and your business’s performance?

Have the Winter Olympics influenced
your business’s performance?

The 2018 Winter Olympics are over. Are the incredible achievements you witnessed motivating you to improve YOUR Business’s Performance? As a Small Business Owner (SBO) this performance thing begins with you.

Regardless of whether you run a business solo or a team, everything begins with you! You, SBO, are the lead. Everything that happens within your business is your responsibility. Favorable or unfavorable, it all starts and stops with you. 

Some SBOs tell me this isn’t fair. I understand what they are saying and disagree. As the Owner of YOUR Business, you are ultimately responsible for all that happens within it. As much as it may not appear fair, it is. 

Example 1: If a country goes bankrupt, has a civil war, or a natural disaster, all the citizens look to the country’s leader for guidance. Outsiders look to see what that leader is doing. All eyes are on the leader to judge if appropriate and effective actions are taken.

Example 2: An Olympian is competing in their event on the world stage. If their performance is good and medal placing all the accolades go to the Olympian first. They are the leader of their team. Their coaches, etc. are part of the Olympian’s team. If their performance is unfavorable the Olympian takes the hit. It doesn’t matter who’s “fault” it is.

Small Business Owners are similar to Olympians

SBOs and Olympians have aspirations. Many SBOs are in it to win it – just like Olympians. Others are not and are content. Many SBOs and Olympians both play a high-risk high-reward game. 

In both cases some take on a World Domination goal and strategy, while other don’t. It doesn’t matter which is your choice just as long as you perform in a manner to effectively support your goal.

The Winter Olympics inspire me much more than the Summer Olympics. Why? Winter Olympics have the added weather element for most competitions. It’s unpredictable. The Olympians who have mastered their expertise have a competitive advantage when unpredictability occurs. Performing against so many odds is awe inspiring to me! It reveals who is dedicated to their performance.

This is how SBOs confuse themselves

If a SBO has a misalignment between their actions and their expectations there is confusion and frustration. As there should be. 

Either the actions need to change or the expectations do. 

Example: A SBO who dabbles with their support activities instead of diligently working on building their business can’t expect to bring in big revenue.

The actions and expectations aren’t aligned. This misalignment is one of the reasons aspiring entrepreneurs are frustrated.

Just as the Olympians do, the key is to align the actions with the expectations. If you are taking the right actions, the greater your dedication the greater the reward or revenue.

IMPORTANT: Your job, as a SBO, is to understand your business’s goals (after all, you’re the one who created them) and what it takes to achieve your business’s goals. Then get busy taking right actions to secure your goals. If you have a team, their goal is to serve the business’s goals with their expertise. This is not any different than what is required from you!

Clarity with your next steps to improve business performance

It’s all about you. You decided to start a business. You decided what need it would solve and how to take it to your customers. Who created your goals – you! You choose how you show up and who you engage with to achieve your goals. It really is all about you.

SBO, if you are confused or frustrated, there’s something you are missing. Complicating things isn’t the answer. Simplifying your strategies and aligning your action is the answer.

Do you have more time to waste or do you need to get busy doing the right things to secure your success and win YOUR Gold Medal?

Today could be the day everything changes! Go here to share some basic business information and request a time for a no-cost consultation. Let’s have a winner’s conversation to simplify your success.

How often do you wish you could just hit pause and start over? I do from time to time – especially on smaller projects that become too big!


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p.s.:  You don’t need to compete in the Winter Olympics to be a super star. Building a strong small business is equally rewarding.

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