October 3


Winning Business Owners Stretch their Capabilities to Succeed

Winning Business Owners illustrated by 2 mountain climbers reaching the summit.
Winning Business Owners creating new possibilities.

Winning Business Owners
Stretch their Capabilities
to Succeed

Winning Business Owners conduct business differently from average Business Owners.

Winning Business Owners understand the importance to always be stretching their capabilities. The capabilities could be personal, professional, or business performance related.

Regardless, winning Business Owners succeed because they do things differently to boost their Business’s Success. They continue to push or stretch their own capabilities to do the things that matter most.

Does binge watching programs support YOUR Business best? Probably if you’re a screenplay writer. For most of us the answer is “no”. What about working out, having an accountability buddy, or learning some new software to improve your efficiency?  “Yes!”

Short Success Story of a Client’s Quantum Leap

I’m working with a gent who is taking the world by storm! He has so much enthusiasm and energy it’s phenomenal. His efforts and success place him in the “high performer” category.

He had to teach himself a great deal of technology to move himself and his businesses beyond their current level of success. He realized that he really needed to get a handle on learning tech, which he was very reluctant to do and he knew very little about it.

Yet, when it was time he embraced it all! His success rate skyrocketed. Why? He gained confidence in being able to learn “the uncharted territory”which then led him to learn what his business really needed to succeed.

Eventually he even had the confidence to take on some of the other personal aspects of success which have eluded him.

Isn’t it fascinating how not stretching this one capability was holding him and all his businesses back from accomplishing determined goals? Which one capability, not being mastered, is holding you back?

Success, Improved Capability, & Confidence

“Success breeds success.”
~Mia Hamm

What does this really mean? When one has success, one gains confidence. With additional confidence a person will be more willing to try something new.

I’ve been known to repeatedly say, “Once you accomplish something you can usually do it bigger, better, or faster.”

How? Even if it’s consistently small efforts, the learning curve accelerates your success and your newfound confidence keeps you moving forward.

Why does all this matter?

Winning Business Owners know this: The more you try, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the more you can make better decisions to support YOUR Business’s Success.

Winning Business Owners are always learning. Is this you?

What’s that one capability that is holding YOUR Business back from achieving its goals? Let me know and I’ll write about it!


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p.s. The movie “What about Bob?” demonstrates this Success Strategy well. Look for the upcoming business movie review of “What about Bob?” later this week.

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