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Volunteering for Business Owners and Leaders

Volunteering for Business Owners & Leaders-
This experience is a powerful activity

American soldier offering a red ball to 2 Middle Eastern children
Volunteering ripple effect is signifcant

Volunteering will not only provide for other, it will give you unexpected gifts in return for your service. Did you know volunteering has become fashionable again?

Are Business Owners & Leaders Hypocrites?

This past weekend was Memorial Day. During this weekend of remembrance in America, when we honor service members for their volunteering actions, I saw many awesome messages of support online. Then, when I posed a question of “what volunteering action is everyone going to make happen this week” … all chatter became very quiet! Actually, there wasn’t one response! This was a hard one to reckon with – not one.

I found this more fascinating because many of the extremely well known business leaders also share with us as they are serving others in a volunteering role. We proclaim such Business Owners and Leaders are our role models, yet most of us are still picking and choosing what we think is part of the success equation to apply. The truth is everything they do is a part of their equation to success. We expect volunteerism from our professional athletes, don’t we? As Business Owners and Leaders, we need to step it up a notch too.

What happens to us while volunteering?

Volunteering fulfills our need to serve. It offers us a biochemical dose of oxytocin, which gives us a “feel good”. Most of us may notice this, but might not be aware of how our biochemistry is supporting us when we’re kind and thoughtful to our fellow man. Think back, do you recall that “feel good” when you helped someone in need?

There are some companies who have mandatory policies for volunteering at a company sponsored events. There are other companies who support employees volunteering by giving them paid time to go volunteer monthly. This is a local company to me: Runzheimer International. They walk their talk regarding volunteering and in the past few years created a foundation: Runzheimer Foundation, to actively serve the needs of many. I know someone who currently works there and she shared how “… gratifying it is to volunteer….  and how many employees look forward to their volunteering time”. They know they are making a difference and their employer is delivering volunteering instead of just talking about it!

Good News:
You don’t need to start a Foundation

If you can’t pay your employees for their volunteering activity, at least encourage and support them. Let them leave early or come in late. Their work will get completed because they will be grateful for your support AND they just received a dose of oxytocin, which to boost their productivity. Everyone wins!

Now, back to you… you can have the same benefit too! Take the time to not be the leader and decision-maker for a couple of moments and just be with others. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels. It will revitalize you! I heard someone recently say, “Business Owners and Leaders are in a position to do the most good. They hold the resources (time, talent, and treasure) to their company and can choose how to allocate it.” I agree! So, I now ask you: How will you be volunteering this week, this weekend, or next week? How will you support others volunteering?

Please feel free to share in comments how you can or are supporting volunteering activities…


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p. s.: Not quite volunteering but… when you are out do you stop and thank the vets who are wearing their branch’s baseball caps and jackets? What about helping the elderly in the grocery store?


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