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Vetting a Mentor for the Small Business Owner

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This is the value of vetting a mentor to strengthen your business.

Vetting a Mentor for You-
The Small Business Owner

Vetting a Mentor is one of the most overlooked activities in Small Business Ownership.

Dear Small Business Owner, if you haven’t found a mentor for yourself you aren’t supporting YOUR Business Performance well.

Ins’t it time you get YOUR Mentor aboard? This is such an important topic that I’m sharing parts of my May 14, 2012 blog post again.

Small Business Ownership is complex.

There are many moving parts. Each one requires a particular level of knowledge and effective application of the topic and the tactics.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much time for wiggle room for non-success. Sound familiar?

No matter who you are, nor your level of success, you aren’t an expert at all the components of small business ownership. Think about that… you’d have to be an attorney, web designer, accountant, sales and marketing pro just to name a few. Expecting anyone to be all that is insane!

How do you strengthen YOUR Business’s Success? Begin vetting a mentor!

What is a mentor? Oversimplified, a mentor is a person who has wisdom to impart to those who seek guidance.

The value of vetting a mentor

Even if vetting a mentor may be a new concept for you it isn’t difficult.
Have you considered that having a Mentor becomes YOUR Ace in your pocket?

What’s the number one reason why I think business can be ”so darn tough”? Entrepreneurs are blinded by their passion and/or their calling to serve. When blinded, fundamental key elements aren’t noticed and implemented.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Gee, if I only knew what to expect” or “A little tenure would be helpful right about now”?

Hint: Even tenured or high performing Small Business Owners have mentors. How do you think they reach such success?

What is the benefit of having a mentor on your team?

The main benefit is you have someone who is wise and you trust them to teach/guide you. Thus, select a mentor who has expertise regarding the topic you seek counsel.

Criteria for Vetting a Mentor

As you know, we oversimplify everything on this blog. Why? So you can step in and make progress.  

The Brilliant Question to ask yourself before you begin vetting a mentor:
Are YOU ready to receive wise counsel and respond accordingly?

If the answer is no. Don’t proceed at this time with the next steps. When your answer is yes, proceed to the vetting process.

When vetting a mentor, you want to begin with this initial assessment. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do they have the experience in the topic you seek counsel?
  • Do they have an expertise that can benefit your current business needs?
  • Are they available to mentor you?
  • Do they want to engage in the mentoring process?
  • Do you like each other?
  • Will you take guidance this mentor?

If you have satisfactory answers, you will want to have a conversation with your potential mentor what they perceive would work well. If you believe it would be beneficial, proceed with developing this relationship.

TIP: Make sure you create some type of fair exchange with your mentor. Remembering that everyone’s time is valuable. Even if you mentor doesn’t charge you, make sure that you appropriately gift them with a meaningful exchange.

Curious? Please comment on which topics you need mentoring on the most. Maybe YOUR Mentor is reading this blog too!


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  1. In a nutshell, having a mentor often helps you learn from others’ experiences, instead of “doing it the hard way.”

    In addition, mentors are cornerstones of networking. Often it is not what you know, but who you know. Another great way to learn from someone else’s experience.

    Just want to say that some of my best mentors were individuals in service organizations. I learned from *everyone* in the Lannon Lions Club. I learned from all of the Scouting professionals and volunteers at the Den/Pack and Troop levels, and trainers and support staff at the Council level. Indeed, I learned from our Scouts, too.

    Yet another terrific post, Maggie. Thanks.


    1. Mentors Rock! Thank Keith for your sharing. You, too, are a great mentor! I completely agree with your comment 🙂 Over the years, I posted plenty about mentors and mentoring. Go to the blog’s search window and type: mentor. It will pull up the different posts where I’ve addressed mentoring. You’ll be amazed what’s there 🙂

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