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Turn 2018 into a game-changing year for business

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The time is now to Turn 2018 into a game-changing year of business success!

Turn 2018 into a game-changing year for business

Turn 2018 into a game-changing year for your small business! Small Business Owners (SBOs), this doesn’t have to be difficult. Matter in fact, I suspect most of you reading this already know what you can sell to accomplish this.

Developing a good product or service (offering) and selling it is the key. YOUR Business’s Performance may depending upon you mastering this practice.

Turn 2018 into a game-changing year of Revenue:

Civil Rights Leader and Attorney Mahatma Gandhi in this post: Customers Purpose is Your Business states that YOUR Business exists to serve the customer. YOUR Customer needs YOUR assistance to solve their problem or fulfill their aspiration. They need to know you can do this.

If you aren’t serving customers, you aren’t conducting business. Many SBOs take a sale rejection personally. Most of the time it isn’t a personal rejection. Customers discern if they (1) want or have a need for an offering and(2) if the timing and (3) price are acceptable. It’s really all about them, not you.

Turn 2018 into a game-changing year of Clarity:

This is how many newer SBOs lose momentum: They doubt their wisdom and/or capability to deliver change to their potential customers. They confuse themselves, which ultimately delays their progress to finalize their offering and deliver it to their marketplace. 

Do you know someone who does this? Perhaps even yourself from time to time?

This is a common phenomena for new SBOs and/or Entrepreneurs. There is a great desire to serve, as well as doubt which holds them back from creating an offering and selling it.

I should note, there is another type of SBO who has the same outcome, but for a different reason. This SBO has such a grand idea in their head and heart, but can’t find the logic to it. Typically, they have most of the components but lack the framework to see how to develop it and introduce it to their marketplace. This keeps them from introducing their idea to the marketplace to gain customers.

Do you see yourself in one of the above circumstances? 

Turn 2018 into a game-changing year for Yourself:

How much of a splash do you want to make with YOUR Business this year?

Are you looking to drop a pebble into the water and watch the gentle ripples or are you looking to make an undeniable splash with a long reaching ripple effect? Either is fine; however, you need to decide what’s best. 

Your next steps for Business Success depend upon your above answer. Either way you need to develop an offering, even if it’s not perfected,  and move it into the marketplace.

NOTE: A good solid offering is all that’s needed. If you choose to perfect it, you lose traction, and you lose sales because you aren’t selling it. Perfecting comes as the marketplace provides you feedback.

Start here to turn 2018 into a game-changing year for YOUR Business:

  • Take action today. Start with creating Right Thoughts to support Right Actions. What is your intention to serve YOUR Potential Customers?
  • Don’t delay getting busy creating a solid offering to sell very soon.
  • Keep serving it to your marketplace while listening to their feedback and modify as appropriate.
  • Continually adjust your offering according to the feedback – this is experimenting to secure a stellar offering. 

Remember: Just like anything awesome, Rome wasn’t built in a day. YOUR Offering needs you to share it in order for it to make the impact it was intended to deliver.

Want to jump-start YOUR Right Thoughts & Right Actions?

Gift YOUR Business and yourself by clicking YOUR NO-cost Consultation with Maggie for a mini-laser coaching session on this topic. This could be the one thing you do to get you over the hump that’s snagging YOUR Business from living into its potential.

Even if you don’t reach out for help, know it’s essential for YOU to do this for YOUR Business’s Success. Either way, get busy and create YOUR Brilliant Breakthroughs yourself!

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section.


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p.s.: Even though this article is titled: Turn 2018 into a game-changing year of  business, you can apply this any time of any year. I urge you to start now.

Copyright: This article is copyrighted by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. The internet is about sharing. Please share this post in its entirety with full attribution to www.BrilliantBreakthroughs.com. Thank you.


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