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The Santa Clause: Business Movie Review

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.  Topic: The Santa Clause movie poster of a Santa Claus in training.
The Christmas Movie: The Santa Clause has more than 3 great business strategies for Small Business Owners to apply.

The Santa Clause (1st movie):
Business Movie Review

Reviewing this movie will teach Small Business Owners 
business strategies of Power of Sequence,
Resistance, & Believing

The Santa Clause (1994) is a PG movie for the whole family to enjoy and perhaps even discuss some of the life lessons it reveals. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s outstanding! Tim Allen’s character, Scott Calvin is a gem revealing the struggle many people have during the Holidays. Then something unusual begins when Santa Claus falls off the roof of Scott’s home.

This movie addresses some unusual topics for a Christmas movie. I wish I could make every Small Business Owners (SBOs) watch it to observe the power of sequence and belief, denying one’s duties, and the power of following your heart. This movie catches you by surprise.  The topic of keeping promises are continuously brought forward. No spoilers here, just some very interesting points to take to heart about choices and their impact! Enjoy watching the movie and learn how to improve YOUR Business Success.

The Santa Clause Business Strategy #1
The Power of Following Sequence

Have you ever bought something that needed some assembly? Did you try to do it your way instead of follow the directions? What happened? Did you have to default to the directions to guide you to your preferred outcome? When you followed the directions you probably accomplished your goal. 

In this movie Scott Calvin thinks he can do what he wants – when he wants. Then he’s befuddled when he doesn’t get the results he wants.  Scott tries to avoid steps, or do them in the order he wants. He wasn’t following the systems which delivered the results! 

How often do you think you can short change a process or avoid a department in your business like accounting or marketing? Probably more often then you’d like to admit – we’ve all done it at times. The key is if we short change the process or sequence of accomplishment, we don’t accomplish what we seek. 

The Santa Clause Business Strategy #2
Resistance & The Gifts of Surrendering

Do you resist the inevitable? Even if we aren’t familiar with the movie, we are familiar with the phrase “Resistance is futile” from Star Trek: First Contact. Why does it seem like it’s an older quote? It’s truth.

With almost 15 years of coaching Small Business Owners, I’ve seen resistance be one of the greatest obstacles to overcome for most. When we resist, we don’t step into our possibility of success or potential. Yet, when we release ourselves from the bonds of resistance, we are able to receive all the gifts of surrendering. 

Scott Calvin resists change and denies his duties throughout the movie; however, when he surrenders his world literally becomes magical. He, and his family, begin enjoying the many gifts of surrendering. What’s the one thing you can release resisting and step into the gifts of surrendering? I encourage you to do this – Your Business’s Performance and Success Rate will improve significantly!

The Santa Clause Business Strategy #3
Believing Delivers

I have a new quote, “Achievers are Believers”. You’ve heard it plenty times throughout our posts: Right Thoughts coupled with Right Actions delivers YOUR Results. Doubting, shifting a plan, or even hacking a system or protocol minimizes effectiveness. If you don’t believe certain protocols will deliver results – save your money and don’t engage. Save your time. “If you aren’t a believing, you won’t be achieving.”

It wasn’t until Scott Calvin believed, that he found great joy in following the protocols to achieve what appeared impossible. He actually began to enjoy his new profession. Are you enjoying what you do? Are you still caught in your disbeliefs of what is possible?

Isn’t it time to step into your potential instead of sabotaging yourself? Sure it is! Begin this upcoming year with a new way in place to get your preferred results. Believe, follow your heart, do the necessary work, and witness your own miracle!

 If you’re saying, “Ooooh, I need to make some changes.”
Congratulations! What should you do next? Try this:

If you need help with any of these strategies or other business performance frustrations, just contact Maggie for a 30 minute conversation – either with a call or this link to discuss the gap between where you’re at and where you’d like YOUR Business to be Performing. Don’t worry, it’s not a sales conversation –  don’t bring a credit card because it won’t be accepted!

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from The Adjustment Bureau (2011) movie would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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