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The Green Mile: Business Movie Review

Movie Ticket for The Green Mile
The Green Mile movie will take us to a different place and time to learn more about Leadership, Understanding, & Compassion to optimize our business performance.

The Green Mile: Business Movie Review

“The Green Mile” movie will teach
Small Business Owners business strategies
Leadership, Understanding, & Compassion

The Green Mile (1999) is a classic movie about people. Paradox after paradox, this story illustrates the journey of life and how we impact one another – sometimes unknowingly. This movie will captivate you to explore the meaning of human behavior and relationships. At times you will ask “why?”, and at other times you will laugh. Most importantly, it enlightens you about the simplicity of living.

The movie is set in a simpler time: the 1930s and in the South. It was a time of outhouses, soda bottles, and no air conditioning. The characters are complex – just as we are. They do their best to navigate through the challenges of doing what’s right and appropriate. This movie is full of life lessons. It’s also filled with a multitude of business lessons as well. We’ll only focus on 3 here.

FYI: No spoilers here! Enjoy watching the movie – it promises to deliver new eureka moments to you. There are plenty of tips to improve YOUR Business Success and become the best show around in your industry!

The Green Mile Business Strategy #1

Paul, played by Tom Hanks, has an unthinkable job. He oversees death row. He manages a team of guards. Most of the guards are committed to their job and the well-being of their inmates. Inmates are their customers. Respectfully, inmates and guards are given very practical expectations by Paul. However, there is one guard who has an ulterior motive and continuously behaves inappropriately.

Like a good leader, Paul gives this maverick of a guard a couple of chances to change his way. Paul demonstrates good leadership by setting an example for this maverick and warns him more than once. The maverick does not respect authority and does what he pleases. Paul does what is right and most appropriate for the betterment of the guard team and the inmates.

Leadership will bring even the most moral and ethical people to a dilemma. Strong leadership honors being human and still taking the right course of action. Where does your business need you to lead it better by taking a better course of action?

The Green Mile Business Strategy #2

Paul has a “conversation of understanding” the Death Row expectations with each new inmate. He reveals what his intentions are, as well as asks inmates what he needs to know.

Today, understanding isn’t commonplace. It’s an underrated strategy and/or skill. To understand another is to move beyond any judgments and expectations regarding expectations. When one understands, intolerance is removed or minimized. True understanding, not just hearing someone, occurs when one is present to listen to another. It shifts the conversation to one of equality.

Are you understanding YOUR Customer, YOUR Team, and YOUR Guides to secure better outcomes? When you earnestly want to understand, you show up differently. You look for mutual wins.

The Green Mile Business Strategy #3

Paul is a man of compassion. His moral compassion runs True North. He sees there is a situation that requires breaking a rule and doing something wonderful. There is significant risk involved. He speaks to most of his team about it. I won’t share what they do or don’t do – no spoilers here.

Each inmate has a slightly different need. Paul understands that being compassionate to men who are living their last days has value. It provides dignity and respect, which ultimately makes a difficult job much easier. This is one of Paul’s superpowers. The movie has a variety of moments for you to witness this.

Do you demonstrate compassion to your team, customers, and/or partners? I recently had a situation where I needed compassion from a vendor to help me through something. They were very understanding and treated me quite well. I deeply appreciated their response and will refer anyone to them because of how I was treated.

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from The Green Mile (1999) movie would serve YOUR Business best right now.

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