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The Greatest Showman: Business Movie Review

The Greatest Showman:
Business Movie Review

The Greatest Showman Movie Ticket
Shouldn’t every small business owner become The Greatest Showman?

The Greatest Showman (2017) movie will teach
Small Business Owners business strategies
of Innovation, Customer Satisfaction,
& Success Management

The Greatest Showman (2017) PG is entertaining and educational. It’s a storyline partially based on PT Barnum’s life and business experience. I share partially based because many people only know Barnum as a Ring Leader. Additionally, he was a politician, editor, writer, philanthropist, real estate speculator, patron of the arts, and human activist. Even though most know Barnum as “The Greatest Showman on Earth”, and “The Master of Promotion”, he didn’t say “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

His focus was to give people an opportunity to see something they hadn’t seen before. Fair pricing was a priority for Barnum. This movie captivates the viewer to learn what happens next to PT and his family. There is plenty of eye candy to keep you engaged – after all, it’s about the early days of the entertainment industry!

You will be amazed at what drove him to succeed. Learn how he managed his setbacks and rebounded. Observe how he developed his relentless quest for customer satisfaction. Note: Parts of the movie are fictional. Yet, there are plenty of lessons for you to apply to YOUR Business to achieve another level of success. Enjoy watching the movie. There are plenty of tips to improve YOUR Business Success and become the best show in your industry!

The Greatest Showman Business Strategy #1

PT Barnum wanted to give people something they hadn’t seen before. He was known for his exceptional skill at promotion. I find it fascinating that Barnum isn’t commonly considered an innovator. He consistently created unique entertainment venues and performances.

Barnum did something different. He developed a curiosity about business. His vision was to bring the unusual, or oddities, to people. As his business evolved, his vision of “bring to the people” became a traveling circus.

Are you an innovator? There may be something in your business that you do that’s very unique. It may even be cutting-edge. If so, make sure you acknowledge it as such. YOUR Customers will appreciate the difference you provide. That is if they know it exists.

The Greatest Showman Business Strategy #2
Customer Satisfaction

PT Barnum was a man who never wanted to return to poverty. He believed everyone deserved better. This was reflected in his treatment of his employees and customers. He was focused on creating what we now call the customer experience.

Barnum assured his customers were wowed from the moment they were introduced to his offering until they left the venue. As a human activist, treating people well was paramount to him. He had a deep understanding of how favorable word-of-mouth referrals would elevate his business’s visibility, revenue, and profit.

Take time this week to review YOUR Business’s Customer Satisfaction performance. Do you have a system to assess YOUR Business’s Performance? If not, now would be the time to create something to capture this. It’s essential for you to know how you’re satisfying YOUR Customers. It also reveals potential areas of improvement.

When you consistently assess YOUR Customer’s Satisfaction, you’re no longer guessing what works and what doesn’t. It’s a direct line to what they want and need. AKA: Why YOUR Customers want to give you money. Get busy on this!

The Greatest Showman Business Strategy #3
Success Management

Being the son of a tailor, Barnum was a social outcast. He understood adversity at a young age. He had critics who wouldn’t write one kind word about him. Barnum and company experience plenty of discrimination. He even had family members publicly express their disapproval. Barnum lost buildings of business and residence. He lost his family. He lost money. Yet Barnum continued to act upon his dream.

Barnum’s persistence and tenacity to make bold moves were exceptional. Eventually, he was rewarded for his dedication to actualizing his vision. Barnum and his team met the Queen of England, other Royal Families, and dignitaries.

How do you manage YOUR Success? The Path to Success is filled with many challenges and rewards. At times the journey is daunting. The key is to hold YOUR Vision high and allow it to override all other circumstances.

YOUR Vision should be so magnetizing to you that it will continue to pull you toward it while you’re experiencing the unfavorable. Barnum took unconventional actions and gained unconventional results. Just like any Small Business Owner, Barnum had breakdowns and breakthroughs. He never gave up.

Is YOUR Vision bigger than your challenges? If not, I invite you to make it grander so it can pull you through your challenges. Why? You’re probably closer to success than you realize.

Remember: Right Thoughts create Right Actions. Right Actions create Success.

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from The Greatest Showman (2017) movie would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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