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TED Talks: Silly Innovation Technique for Boosting Business

TED Talks Featuring: Silly Innovation Technique for
Boosting Your Business’s Originality & Sales

When did you last listen to one of the TED Talks?
How can TED Talks help you grow your business?

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TED Talks are all the rave. They are a trend which isn’t going away any time soon. Infact, they are gaining momentum! Have you watched any of the TED TAlks?  Last week the newest round of TED Talks appeared. While I was starting to watch some of their rather edgy topics supporting the Truth and Dare theme for 2015, I ran across this little gem below. Only a 5 minute subtitled video from TEDxTokyo (which means it wasn’t the global TED Talks, but a locally held event) from 2013, discussing an astounding way to be more creative. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to keep pulling our hair out while find new ways to wow our customers?

TED Talks Gem: TEDxTokyo 2013 Simpei Takahashi

Shimpei Takahashi shared how he joined a toy company and had to come up with new ideas for toys. Sounds like a great job, doesn’t it? Well… he further explains how when he was asked to keep looking at the data, he lost his creative spark. Eventually, he even became terribly ill from the stress. He lost his creative edge.

Then, Shimpei started doing something different because he didn’t know what to do. He started playing a silly little and very simple game to get jump start his creative genius again. He thoroughly explains it. I can’t believe how simple it is to do! Additionally he shows the audience some of his successful creations and invites us to play too!

The Power of TED Talks: Look at our world differently

TED Talks help us look at the world AND our businesses differently too! I thought this was a great TED Talk because it showed how we don’t have to be lamenting over tons of data to drive our creativity. I also believe this concept is extremely valuable to many Business Owners because anyone can apply Shimpei’s technique he calls Shiritori!

I do something similar – much like a Master Chef would. I bump different ideas, items, concepts, and processes into eachother to create something which is purposeful. I dubbed this as Idea Mashing and Mashable Creations when I have created one of value. This is the same out a Master Chef would have after experimenting with different ingredients to create a new recipe.

What concepts seem to go together really well for your customers?
Can you mix and mash them into a new Mashable Creation?

Go to and watch several TED Talks, after you watch Shimpei’s Talk.
Then view your customers as diners who are looking to taste a new recipe.
Start idea mashing until you find YOUR Mashable Creation to serve up to them.

TED Talks helps us change perspectives. As a Business Owner and Leader, this is a good thing! It is one of our differentiators. When we do activities like this we serve our customers in a different manner from the masses. What happens next? They reward us for our creativity through purchases and referrals! Want to boost your sales? Start idea mashing every day.

Please feel free to comment on what you gain from TED Talks or anything about your creative process to improve YOUR Business’s profit and success. 


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p. s.: I make it a point to watch one of the TED Talks a week to keep me aware of what’s happening. Also, I’ve committed to start sharing one with you once a month in one of the Wednesday’s posts. Of course, it must be relevant for you to have a brilliant breakthroughs regarding YOUR leadership and business performance. 


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