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Business Rescue Coach’s Strategy Tips from the Movie Hidalgo

Let’s Stop, Look, and Listen! Well, here we are smack-dab in the beginning of this year’s Summer Blockbuster Season. Yep, Hollywood’s films are emerging on screens everywhere. Some movies are fun, some are oldies and goodies while others are just oldies and maybe not so good, and then there are some of the originals – […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery Strategies while on Vacation

Hi Everyone! I’m back 🙂 I thought I would be back sooner but my re-entry was rather bumpy (I’ll explain more in my next posting). Now I’d rather share something quite fascinating that we experienced while on our 9 day “unplugged” vacation. Remember the big hit song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rodgers from a couple […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery: Balance Strategies

Alright, by now you may have heard that I am on a 9 day “unplug” to self-new vacation. So then how can you possibly be getting this? Well, I pre-wrote and pre-scheduled all my postings prior to buggin” out of town, that’s how. Why? Because there is nothing worse than getting in a habit of […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery of Business Types

Hello 🙂 Have you been thinking about what type of business you have and or want to have? I like to oversimplify in cases like this so I will share the three categories of business: Hobby Business, Traditional Business, and Legacy Business. Please note: One of these three is not better to create and manage […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery of Rebranding a Business

So here we are again, playing the re-branding game for Brilliant Breakthroughs and The Business Rescue Coach… There is so much to do with developing a comprehensive and effective business strategy for this new roll-out yet, I know (from our last post) that doing it with excellence is critical! Afterall, this is going to be […]

Business Rescue Coach’s Self Discovery of Excellence

Hello all! I want to share with you something quite wonderful that a man, Peter F. Drucker (the father of effective and efficient modern business), shares about individual development. “The first priority on one’s own development is to strive for excellence. Worksmanship counts, not just because it makes such a difference in the quality of […]

Book: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, Wayne Breitbarth, 2011

If you are interested, or more appropriately “need to” beef up your social media activity to boost your and your business visibility- join LinkedIn and buy this book. Why LinkedIn? It is where the greatest portion of virtual business is occurring. Why Wayne’s book? Besides being a very funny guy and quite personable, Wayne’s book […]