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Super Bowl 2015: Lessons from The Dream Match Up

Super Bowl 2015: Dream Match Up
Spectacular to Watch!

Super Bowl fanfare.
Family appropriate halftime show.
Match up grudge until the very end of the game.

Four Businessman in suits at the 40 yard line of a football field depicting the Super Bowl 2015 performance match up
The Business of Super Bowl Performance

Why was Super Bowl 2015 a great match up?

The NFL’s 2015 Super Bowl match up was spectacular for many reasons! First: New England’s Patriots and Seattle’s Seahawks were the number one and two seed. Second: these two teams have Quarterbacks who are familiar with performing in the Super Bowl and all that comes with it. Third: even though these two teams play differently, they are great teams. Super Bowl 2015 delivered a great match up for fans!

Super Bowl 2015 Delivers!

Even though my family would have rather seen the Green Bay Packers Green and Gold in the game to bring home the Super Bowl’s coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy, this was a very good game to watch. I found it fascinating how the two teams, who have had similar performance outcomes throughout the season, approach to plays was quite distinct from one another.

Success performance may be accomplished in many different manners. The Patriots play the classic “move the chains down the field” with the short passing game. The Seahawks utilized their power running game and long pass approach. That’s the offense. What about defensive teams? The Patriots stayed steady and made the big defense plays when it was required. Unfortunately, the Seahawks received some earlier injuries which prevented them from making the necessary defensive plays during the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl victory depends upon a collaborating team creating synergy

If you watched the Super Bowl you may have noticed different times when each team was and wasn’t in sync. Some times you could see they were a team and at other times you could see a team becoming unified as one and everything was eloquently executed. The precision was impeccable! It all flowed. They were co- laboring and it was a winning formula. At other times you could witness how they teams were running their plays, but there were disconnects.

How often does synergy occur in your business? Most Business Owners and Leaders would reveal, “not often enough”. I believe this is truthful and accurate! It usually occurs by happenstance instead of by design.

Do you and your team have your business’s Purpose, Vision and Mission clearly stated? Is it driving your business’s and team’s performance?

Make sure your processes and systems are in place for your team to appropriately prepare and deliver the results you seek.

Remember, good job descriptions assist your team members to perform their best. Give them the tools they need! If you don’t know how to create effective job descriptions, please reach out. I’d be happy to help you!

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Please feel free to comment on what you notice about team performance.


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p.s.: WARNING: Even though Super Bowl 2015 was a great match up of talent, remember to assist your teams so they don’t become over-competitive with emotions overriding common sense. You don’t want your team to get into a grudge match like the Patriots and Seahawks did during the last minute of the game!


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