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It’s time for a Fresh Start! Here’s how to do it well.

Start Fresh to Better Support
YOUR Business

Start fresh – it’s a common theme at the beginning of any new year. Are you “turning over a new leaf” this week? If so, you’re like many.

Yet I ask: Why wait for the calendar to indicate it’s time to start something new? YOUR Business’s Performance requires you to be more flexible and courageous to do what it requires of you. Most importantly, when it needs to be done.

Start Fresh by Embracing Change!

FACT: Successful Small Business Owners (SBOs) are always in flux.

CAUTION: This doesn’t mean you don’t have a plan, nor being inconsistent with your implementation is acceptable. It means you must be able to adapt on the fly or die. Unfortunately, some deaths are at break-neck speed while others find themselves slowly dying on the vine. Both deaths are painful and mind-blowing.

As SBOs you need to become agile to adapt your strategies and actions for building and keeping your business (and you) strong. Today is a good day, as any, to try something new. It’s agility which calls us forward and supports our success. 

Click here to read a very short post about AGILITY.

Developed Agendas Support Fresh Starts

When we start fresh we tend to bring some old baggage with us. It doesn’t matter why, we just do. Pardon yourself for being human.

Become super-human! Contemplate or ponder YOUR Tue Agenda.

This may sound useless at first. I assure you it isn’t.

It’s important to draw a line between what makes your agenda yours and not one from someone else. Examples: What style of clothes you should wear. What your work week should look like. How success looks like. What type of car to own, or not.

Are you allowing others’ opinions to alter your truth? These false beliefs are slowing you down. They may be true for another, but not part of YOUR Success. 

OK, this is what it looks like inside my business…
For the past two weeks I have been contemplating and discerning what my beliefs and agendas are versus others. For the past several years, I’ve had equally grand successes and grand failures. I do a 3 year deep reflection at the end of each year to identify trends or patterns of myself as a Business Owner, my Business’s Performance, and my Life.

During the past two weeks, I’ve spent a great deal of time sifting through what’s my agenda versus other people’s agenda which I’ve adopted. Some have supported me well. Others haven’t. It’s the non-supportive strategies I’m continuing to release (remove). Then replace it with MY agenda, which will support me in a couple areas much more than the ones I’ve tried over the past couple of years. And, of course I’m keeping what works!

It’s time to separate what is YOUR Truth versus others. You’ll be far more successful when you do this! Click here to read a short post about YOUR AGENDA.

3 Action Items for a Fresh Start:

  1. Decide what you want to be predominant in YOUR Business’s Performance, YOUR Business Ownership, and YOUR Life.
  2. Create a very simple plan for this to be your 3 areas of focus this year.
  3. Create a plan to get you back on course when you deviate.

NOTE: Don’t over complicate this. These 3 Action Items are simple and hold a great deal of power to those who infuse them into their way of being. Better Business Performance is your for the taking. Just start with this today!  

FYI: It doesn’t matter if it’s a new year, new quarter, new month, or new week. Today is a day for you to start fresh to support your visions!

What’s the one that’s holding you back from greater achievement in this upcoming year?

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