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Attorney Diane L. Mader helps individuals create a good divorce by offering sound legal, facilitative, and

future-focused support. Avoiding court-rooms in favor of conference rooms, Diane guides clients

through the morass of divorce confusion and conflict to the path of lasting peace. There is a better

divorce process, and it is available right now. With Diane’s help you will “Undo, I Do” with clarity,

strength, and kindness. On the other side of divorce-done-right is your happily ever after.


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Bringing Peace to Work

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Does it surprise you to hear you, your customers, and your employees are all searching for the same thing?  This chapter gives you the tools to create, maintain, and share a sustainable path to peace. Start with finding the peace within and expand to making our world a better place in which to live.

Use this chapter’s simple, meaningful, step-by-step guide, “How to Embrace Peace: The 6 Step Action Plan,” to find and maintain peace. The Action Steps include straightforward titles with clear explanations and tools for achieving personal peace and a kinder, more compassionate workplace:

1.      Pack your backpack.
2.      Put yourself to bed.
3.      Wake to a peaceful day.
4.      De-stress your commute.
5.      Ground yourself to remain at peace despite what is happening around you.
6.      Build exercise into your day.

In addition to “Embracing Peace: The 6 Step Action Plan,” the chapter looks at Peace and Profit, Understanding Perspective, Cultivating Compassion, and Finding Your Life Purpose. Bringing Peace to Work serves each of us personally and improves the world. When chaos threatens to overwhelm your life, your business, and your community, be prepared with tools you can employ to regain your equilibrium.

About Author

Attorney Diane L. Mader practices divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, and divorce coaching. Diane’s experience teaches her, “Collaboration and Mediation empower spouses to create a divorce agreement which aligns with their values and goals.”

Reviewing finances, brainstorming settlement options, and reaching an agreement acceptable to both spouses is complex and emotional. Diane’s talents as a facilitator assure ideas are thoroughly explored and agreements thoughtfully reached. Diane maintains a calm, civil atmosphere during negotiation.

Diane’s careful drafting of agreements is appreciated by her clients. Diane advises: “Never draft legal documents yourself. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know. Leave drafting to an expert.”

Diane coaches individuals who are struggling with divorce related issues before, during, and after divorce. Diane’s coaching offers professional, structured listening, goal-setting, and problem-solving. Diane works with co-parents through the sometimes rough waters of establishing new parenting routines after divorce.

Diane’s 30+ years of divorce practice experience is ultimately about peace-making in challenging times. In the midst of a trial a Judge told Diane how grateful he was for her work as a “problem-solver rather than a trouble maker.” Diane was touched by such high praise from a Judge who had observed her in divorce court for years.

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