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Being Fearless Coaching and Speaking was founded to support leaders in quickly identifying unproductive patterns and beliefs, which helps the client to reexamine their full potential and adapt their thinking toward new opportunities and replacing them with an empowering mindset. The result is a new level of confidence, higher profitability, impact, and success. Debbie’s style is direct and compassionate. She has a reputation for helping her clients achieve their goals in a fun and challenging way. Her approach is grounded in designing processes to support one’s higher purpose for themselves individually and align with the vision of their business. Clients feel safe to explore their inner world with a new level of vulnerability, leaving them with profound insights, passion, and motivation to believe they can achieve anything.





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The Top 3 Fear Busters: No More Playing Small

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Successful Small Business Owners are those who are willing to feel their fear and do it anyway. Too often, Small Business Owners engage in patterns of behavior which are driven from fear-based thoughts. These thoughts are unconscious which have you repeating these behaviors while expecting a different result.

This chapter will help you identify the fears which exist in your mind. These fears are what’s stopping you from expanding your business to the level you never thought imaginable. Included are simple, yet powerful actions steps which will move you from feeling stuck to unstuck. With a new understanding of how fearful thoughts drive your behavior, this chapter will have you feel energized and motivated to stop playing small.

If your actions aren’t creating the results you desire, reading this chapter will have you gain the insights you need to bust through your fears and by applying The Top 3 Fear Busters:

·         Bitter or Better

·         Believing in Yourself

·         Do What Scares You

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As an entrepreneur and dreamer, Debbie Leoni has always been influenced and intrigued by the human psyche and what it takes to succeed. Debbie’s passion for success developed from a burning desire to live life to the fullest and to teach others to do the same. In her 20’s, Debbie discovered meditation which radically transformed her life. Being convinced that mindfulness was the path towards success, Debbie sought out respected, spiritual teachers such as Deepak Chopra and Debbie Ford, which ignited her excitement to share her wisdom as an author, speaker and professional coach. Since then, Debbie has assisted thousands toward unleashing their power by recalibrating their mindset into high performance and an enhanced ability to accelerate personal growth resulting in success.

Debbie currently lives in Geneva, Illinois, where she finds joy, peace and fulfillment surrounded by water, nature and stillness.

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