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As a Technology Therapist, I help people believe in, trust, and build a productive relationship between their technology and their business and life goals. I take great pride in and specialize in helping clients better leverage existing technologies, find new innovative solutions, relieve technology frustrations, build more confidence, improve daily workflow efficiency, work smarter, and make more money with the help of technology. Even sometimes occasionally talking them down from the sometimes “scary” technology ledge!  I am an Apple Certified Support Professional and Evernote Certified Consultant with the emphasis on mobile technology solutions.





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Why Small Business Owners Don't Sleep at Night

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As small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, our minds can become cluttered with decisions, appointments, tasks, projects, clients, and challenges from both our business and personal lives. Too much clutter in our mind and workspace can overwhelm us with stress, anxiety, confusion, and most of all, lack of sleep.

Reading this chapter, you’ll learn simple and effective strategies that prepare you for a productive day, help declutter your mind and workspace, block time for your highest payoff activities, and help you maintain focus on what’s most important to you in business and life.


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His clients have dubbed him the “Technology Therapist.” Dave Rebro’s passion is to take a holistic approach to his clients’ technology anxieties, frustrations, and overwhelm, and find solutions that best fit the way they think, learn, and work to help them reach their business and life goals. 25 plus years of technology knowledge and business workflow experience have contributed to Dave’s expertise simplifying technology and making it easier for people to understand and use. In that spirit, Dave is a teacher and coach at heart with a positive outlook on business, success, and life.

Although experienced in many technologies, Dave is an Apple Certified Support Professional/Integration and Certified Evernote Consultant.

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