June 9


Self-Discovery Clues: The Confusion and Clarity Dance

Are you ready for this? I wasn’t!?!? As I was writing the last post I noticed that I said something while I was typing and I heard the little voice inside my head… curious what it said? At one point I heard myself say, “re-branding and re-imaging is my priority” and further into writing the last post “social media is my priority”.

Eureka! I just found a confusing thought in my strategic thinking. Now I found this totally fascinating that I realized I had two priorities. Being the strategist, I took the “thought train” down this track and found: this wasn’t only in my thoughts, but somehow (duh, me) I allowed this to alter my overall strategic plan and activities to support that plan becoming realized-yikes!

Yep, that’s how easy it is- in an instant we all the sudden we have two priorities. No wonder I wasn’t able to stay on top of what needed to get done in the last couple of days… for two days I was so far down the rabbit hole of confusion that I couldn’t even realize that I was in a daze. I’ll own it folks, because I created this all by myself. Additionally, I am forever grateful as to how blessed I am to catch myself so swiftly! Yes, this is a prime example demonstrating what can happen as small business owners and managers find themselves wearing far too many hats.

How many hats do you wear at any one given time during the week? When I work with clients we set up this concept as being the manager of each department that your particular business requires (sales, service, accounting, operations, Owner/CEO). This time I allowed my Marketing Manager and my Sales Manager (both being me) to ignore my direction (as CEO) and they were off strong-arming each other to get what they each one of them needed done. Do you ever similar circumstances happen to you?

Here I was amidst what I thought was clarity and yet, realized I was in confusion. After a quick conversation with one of my advisors, I was doubly blessed that I was able to identify it before I lost more time. Thus, with this awareness, clarity came forward because I had to identify which one of these critical projects truly is my current priority. With this new found information, I have been able to get back to being fully productive again. Feel free to share which one you think it is and why in the comment section…

Self-Discovery Clues:
1. Notice when assigned tasks are not completed and assess why productivity slipped.
2. “First things first” is the way to go – single dedication to critical tasks will be beneficial.
3. Check in with the most important person in your business, you as the Brilliant CEO, who knows what’s best for the business to meet its objectives.

Questions for You:
1. Who is in control of your business’s activities?
2. How do you know if you are “off course”?
3. Once realized, how do you get yourself back on course?
4. How often do you speak with your advisor/coach/mentor/confidant to make sure you are on task?

Blessings of Success to You~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs


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