September 9


School’s in session – your business needs new success lessons

School's in session illustrated with Scrabble tiles laying out to say "Back to School".
Starting today: School’s in session for Small Business Owners!

School’s in session – your business
needs new success lessons

School’s in session for the kids. You did it, they’re all getting on the right buses, and showing up in the right rooms for class now. Congratulations! Now, what about you and YOUR Business’s Success? What do you and YOUR Business need to be more successful?

School’s in session – what supplies and courses do you need?

I almost want to stop at the above questions and let you ponder… it’s YOUR turn now. What do you need to lead YOUR Business more effectively and efficiently? Do you need a white board to scheme automated systems? Maybe you need a refresher on some social media techniques for social marketing? Could it be that you would benefit from a new day planner to keep your appointments and assignments, just like students across the world.

When school starts, everyone gets a fresh start!

Early Autumn is a great time of the year for fresh starts. For students it’s all about: new classes, new friends, new homework challenges, and new opportunities. For Small Business Owners it’s all about: New offerings, new skills to learn, and new customers to serve.

Small Business School’s in session

What does your Small Business need to get a good report card and advance to the next level? Click here to read a blogpost that has a checklist for you: Back to School. This is your time to take control of YOUR Business and determine what type of education will serve it best for the balance of this calendar year. When you’re assessing what you should be learning, make sure it will help your profit margin leap this year and soar next year!

Create your plan and get busy manifesting your goals! There’s 3 weeks before this quarter is complete. Challenge yourself to see what you can still make happen this quarter and launch yourself to a great fourth quarter. Remember to have some fun doing this too!

Which one activity will you claim for YOUR Business’s “School in Session” project? Also, in the comment section let me know what topics you’d like for me to write about!


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p.s. Select what you want to learn and make the grade this quarter!

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