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Risky business can be a blessing for success

Risky Business illustrated by dice in the colors of red, blue, green, and yellow.
Risky Business… can it be good and does it mean big rewards?

Risky business can be a blessing for success

Are you ready for some risky business?
What makes risk a risk?
Success is possible via risks.

Risky business is every business. Just the mere fact of you being an entrepreneur means you’re a risk taker. What type of risk taker are you? Your Business Success depends upon you finding the appropriate balance between risk and security when making business decision.

Throughout a business lifetime, it’s owner takes risks. Sometimes the risky are bigger than others. Big risk isn’t necessarily a bad thing. FYI: It’s a myth that BIG risks created BIG rewards – not always.

I was at a client’s workplace recently. I noticed all the equipment he has for his trade. Some old and some very new. I said, “Wow, you are sitting on a ton of assets. I didn’t realize your business was equipment laden.” To which he replied, “You’re looking at my retirement. I figured I was more dependable and vested in my financial security than another company. . . . I guess I’m not as conservative with financial aspects as I thought. . . . I’m taking a big chance on myself!”

NOTE: By default, you as  a Business Owner are in a risky business. Don’t worry, this is normal.

This awareness is true of every Business Owner. Each Business Owner takes risks daily. Some risks may be less risky, but every day involves risks because decisions must be made.

Here’s the most fascinating thing about risk:
What is risk to one, or one business, may not be to another.

Business Owners are similar to the ocean when it comes to decision-making. They have an ebb and flow to their decisions, which may make no sense to another.

I believe it is because of this risk appears to have a temperament attached to it. This temperament has two areas of focus (1) Return on Investment and (2) tolerance.

This temperament allows for risky business to occur and it allows for risky business to be avoided. It really boils down to the comfort level of the Business Owner.

Are you in a risky business? Sure you are!
Are you a great risk taker? Perhaps.

I never thought of blogging three times a week as taking a risk, but it is. On many different media platforms, I invite hundreds of thousands of people to comment on what I think and share three times a week. Even though it’s bold, I value wisdom-sharing more. This value minimizes the risk for me. That’s how temperament works when discussing risk taking.

Risk taking comes from taking chances. I if you’d like to read more, click here for our last post: Naturally Successful Outcomes by Taking Chances or here to learn what a Golden Olympian has to reveal on the topic.

Do you know what is YOUR Risky Business Threshold? How does it show up for you? Please share your answer in the comment section.


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