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Respecting each other through gratitude

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Topic: Respecting Each Other. Illustrated by a written "Thank You"
A “thank you” as a simple way for respecting each other.

Respecting each other
through gratitude

Respecting each other is in short supply and high demand these days. Unfortunately, it isn’t any different in business. Respecting others doesn’t cost you anything!

Genuinely saying “Thank You!” is a free action you can extend to everyone – at any time.

Extending gratitude is a sign of respect and appreciation

Veteran’s Day has just passed. Did you say, “Thank you” to a Veteran? If you did, you were expressing your respect and appreciation with only 2 words. This is a simple power move for you to apply to your business as well!

Have you considered a simple “thank you” as a sign of respect? Most see it as gratitude or appreciation, but few see it as a sign of respect!

How can respecting each other be so simple to accomplish? I know – it’s a little bizarre how easy this is, isn’t it? Now here’s the bonus round… an authentic “Thank you” is much more valuable than any trinket you provide.

Think about it… when was the last time someone genuinely thanked you? Was it an establishment where it’s the protocol or was it authentic, warm, and heart-felt? 

Practice makes perfect

I married into a strong military family. When I would go grocery shopping, I would thank the Veterans I saw. It was astonishing to see how a simple “Thank you for your service” deeply touched them. 

I taught our sons to do the same. This simple action taught them the power of respect. Who would’ve though a grocery store visit would become such a great teaching moment?

I started with thanking Veterans and then had it ripple out into my personal and professional world! Now, in some circles I’m know as being appreciative. (This isn’t too shabby of a thing!)

Demonstrate the power of respecting each other with extending gratitude to your:

  • Team
  • Customers
  • Guidance Team
  • Networking Hubs
  • Business Allies
  • Friends 

Remember: This doesn’t have to be monetary! Perhaps it’s better if it isn’t! However, it should be commonplace in your best business practices. This is a simple and transformational power move that costs nothing; yet, it’s priceless!

Thank you for being an awesome Small Business Owner, who cares enough to hone your professional expertise and infuse appreciation into our world!

Did you notice that in every blogpost I extend my gratitude to you? See the next line below this. (It’s been there for years!)

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