Business Strategy: self purpose by Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
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Purpose is a reflection of our innate gifts

Do you know the power you already have?
Are your exploring your innate gifts?
Do you know how your innate gifts support your purpose/vocation?

Purpose…. “what is my purpose?” is a commonly asked question when one senses there is something “more” or “grander” just waiting for them to step into. Living into your purpose, or more specifically, you higher purpose (what you really came here to do, to serve humanity, and bring joy to yourself) is a vocation. Vocations come in many shapes and sizes. All are important!

Are you exploring your innate gifts and talents?

One of the greatest journeys a person can take is a personal journey into exploring one’s purpose or vocation. Recently I was a watching an episode of the TV show “Mike and Molly”. Each cast member holds their own in this realistic sitcom of a blue collar family figuring out how to have multiple generations live under one roof while experiencing the challenges, invitations, and celebrations life has to offer. During the episode “Open Mike Night”, Molly is suggesting to others to stop wondering about their passion or purpose and just try something different one their friend announced he has officially become a US Citizen.

As the characters step into exploring their purpose and possibly a new vocation, they are happier; however, those around them aren’t necessarily pleased with the impact of such changes. Warning: this is common when a big change occurs. Yet, as the end of the episode reveals, “it’s all good…” It’s part of the journey – just exploring which path is the best path for an individual.

Do you know the power you already have?

I appreciate the fact that we are all wired differently; the diversity of life, and each other, is what makes life interesting. Each one of us is designed to share something very wonderful with the world – our self. Some people learn this very early in their life while others take on some other tasks first before they discover their super-powers.

I don’t recall who shared this, but it is a very powerful inquiry: Where is the most potential in this country? … Why in the cemeteries of course!

Most people go to their graves without ever knowing what their gifts and talents are. The very essence of what could have brought them great joy and impacted the world in a positive manner. I’m not so inclined to have this be my truth! Are you? What are you doing to learn more about yourself? How you can serve humanity with minimal effort because it is your innate gift or talent?

Your Purpose or Vocation is supported through your innate gifts and talents

Close your eyes for a moment and pretend… we are going to wave a magic wand and alter your reality to your dream come true. What would it look like? Where would you be? Who would you be with? What would you be doing?

Each one of the above questions holds answers, or at least clues, to your innate gifts and talents… I tend to call these “our sacred birthrights”. Each one of us has very unique sacred birthrights. Look at the artists- quite varied and yet they are all artists. At the opposite side of the spectrum, look at scientists, they too are varied in interests, passion, skills, and capabilities. Each of us have the opportunity to identify our birthright and live it out. Those who do, are those who history writes about for they are the movers, the shakers, creators, change agents… the greats!

Remember, you don’t need to change the world – no one is saying, “Your purpose is to save the world!” No, quite the opposite! Most likely, you purpose is to change your little corner of the world 🙂 Doesn’t that feel better? Remember, your life is precious, handle it with care! Allow yourself to identify and develop your sacred birthrights and you will be stepping into your vocation with great ease. There’s only one obstacle for not doing this, and it is you! When the time is “right” for you, make the choice to stay in this inquiry- it’s the best one! If you need a companion or guide to help you along the way, just send me a message in the comments section or call me. I will be happy to explore this further with you!

I understand that stepping into your vocation or professional purpose may not always be easy for some folks. That’s OK. It’s a different journey for each of us 🙂 Take some time this week to contemplate YOUR Vocation. If you want to see what I initially wrote when I introduced the topic: Click here to learn about YOUR Purpose and How it can guide you.

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: What is your secret super-power? Please share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others!


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