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Purpose guides the Professional

Purpose Guides Professionals to Success

Do you allow your purpose to guide you?
Are you following your purpose to lead you to success?
Do you show up filled with joy and enthusiasm?

Purpose & Mission by Free Skater and Olympian Jason Brown
Purpose & Mission of Free Skater and Olympian Jason Brown Image by

This week someone posted a very cool video on LinkedIn. The video was of Jason Brown, an Olympic Ice Skater for Team USA. Jason is a young man, only 19, and from Highland Park, Illinois. He is a young man who knows his purpose! I watched a particular video of his twice (the one posted below) and then I started watching some of his other performance competitions and part of his Google hangout. It’s not too often we see someone excelling in their vocation at such a young age – I’m impressed with this young man!

Be led to YOUR success by following YOUR purpose

One of the things that impressed me so, was how authentic and humble he is. Another reasons was even though he still doesn’t have the quad jump mastered, he still can perform and score very high because of how well he executes what he has already mastered! He is wise enough to not leave anything to chance.

Is it evident to others you are filled with joy and enthusiasm?

Another aspect that was rather tale-telling of his future career is noticing how he connects with his audience. He doesn’t go through the motions of an entertainer, athlete, and artist; he simply connects (to the point that the commentators were silent from time to time because they were so moved by his performance). Clearly he understands the purpose of his sport: entertain, validate athleticism, demonstrate artistic capabilities. However, I imagine his purpose is even deeper than that considering he has been skating since before he started grade school. The joy he exudes is phenomenal – he is even smiling before he lands a jump!

I admit I watched his Riverdance Free Skate performance twice (don’t worry I won’t tell you the score, but watch the whole clip). Note: This isn’t his Olympic performance. Here’s the link for you to: Jason Brown’s Free Skate 2014 US Figure Skating Championships .

I understand that stepping into your vocation or professional purpose may not always be easy for some folks. That’s OK. It’s a different journey for each of us 🙂 Take some time this week to contemplate YOUR Vocation. If you want to see what I initially wrote when I introduced the topic: Click here to learn about YOUR Purpose and How it can guide you.

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: What enthuses you regarding your purpose or vocation? Please share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others!


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  1. Lovely post. Joy and Enthusiasm. Maggie, YOU are always filled with joy and enthusiasm. And it is infectious… Thank you.

  2. I will go watch the video next!

    One of my suggestions for people looking for their life purpose:
    It is doing what you love to do….. now just discover or remember what you love doing…. start from there!

    Many BLessings

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