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Prepared-ness gives your business the upperhand

Prepared-ness gives YOUR Business Upperhand

How prepared are you to support your business?

Male Cardinal sitting plump on a tree branch in winter with snow on branches. Being prepared for anything.
Cardinal weathering winter Image courtesy of

Prepared-ness is fundamental to success. Business depends on us being prepared. When was the last time you found found yourself snagged – caught in a situation when you weren’t prepared and a mini disaster unfolded right before your very own eyes? It happens to the best of us. Most often, being unprepared is something we could have controlled in the first place.

Often I ponder, and share with you, what I observe occurring in nature. The natural order of things is reflected in nature. Observing nature is part of my daily relaxation practice. The past few weeks I’ve been watching the finches. This past week the last of our yard’s typical feather friends have arrived. Curious what I learned?

Prepared-ness requires forward thinking:
lessons from the birds

The aviary forward thinking this time of the year is about all things nest. If one is a bird, nesting is survival. It protects against the elements, and keeps babies safe from harm. This activity is essential to the survival of the species. It is as if the birds know as soon as they arrive there is no time to waste. Being prepared is their forte. With sheer determination their activity is nonstop!

I enjoying watching this flurry of activity each spring. Even though there is a whole planet to build nests, competitions occur over “prime” nesting locations and mating rites. I’m always amazed at which nests are reused or abandoned. They’re busy finding the best nesting location with proper support, quick access to nourishment, and the proper materials to support their legacy.

How prepared are you this spring?

Sometimes prepared requires us to move forward into the unknown and start anew. Other times prepared requires some spring cleaning first. I guess we are lucky, we don’t have to migrate thousands of miles and then immediately start making a new home. All we need to do is some tidying up this time of the year for us to start fresh!

Are you prepared for spring’s new beginnings? What about being prepared for success?

Observe your workplace, from the viewpoint of your customer or your staff. Does it need a freshening up, gutting out, or light dusting? Now, objectively look at it with your eyes. You know where all the piles of stuff are stashed away, the unkept files, and the unfinished “To Do” lists are hiding. Go ahead, pull this stuff out into the front and center.

On your calendar make an appointment with yourself to support your workplace’s activities. 

Effectiveness and efficiency are the goals here. Once you have this completed, make an appointment weekly to tend to this. You will be amazed how gracefully you flow through your days being organized and performing at higher levels. You will be able to find materials, passwords, and customer files more efficiently. Then you can get onto the work which really matters – providing excellence service and generating great revenue!

Today, we have a snow storm amidst our new Spring calendar. Even though I’m hearing the birds, I don’t see but a few. I’m so curious where they are hiding if the don’t have their nest prepared to support them during this unexpected event! I’m sure they are prepared for anything… are you?

Please feel free to comment on what is one thing you could do to be better prepared yet this week to improve YOUR Business’s profit and success. (See mine in the p.s.  If you are local – please join me!)


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p. s.: My one thing is to spend a day on professional development for myself and my business at the Wisconsin Business Owners Morning Workshop on Goals and the Lunch and Learn on how to crank up my mojo and of course some great authentic networking!


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