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How to respond when opportunity comes knocking on your door

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What do you do when opportunity comes knocking?

How to respond when opportunity
comes knocking on your door

Let’s admit it, opportunity comes knocking on our doors more often than we realize. The sad thing about this is many Small Business Owners (SBOs) aren’t recognizing these moments and it’s negatively impacting their Business’s Success.

What’s the simplest way to identify potential? Become a better listener!

We hear potential opportunities when we are listening and observing. You don’t learn of opportunities when you are talking.

Client story of Opportunity comes Knocking

I have been working with a client to help him to specifically simplify his strategies and align his actions for profitability and peace, which is what I ultimately help all my clients achieve.

This young man is a great listener. It’s fascinating to watch him pay attention when others speak. He is like a sponge.

This past week he stated he had a problem and wanted some help fixing it. Now don’t laugh too hard about this. His problem was that after each conversation he has with someone, he has at least 5-10 great business concepts come to him.

Now that onto itself isn’t the problem. It’s awesome! The problem was he would allow his mind to be intoxicated by these new possibilities and NOT stay on task to fulfill his current mission at hand to actualize his business’s vision.

Opportunity Comes Knocking Action Item for SBOs

When opportunity comes knocking, stay on your current task. Complete it. Make note of the opportunity in a file or on a hard copy list. Depending on the sense of urgency, review it later that day or at the end of your week. Do your research and make appropriate inquiries to thoroughly discover the opportunity.

TIP: Do not allow a new concept or opportunity to derail your current action plan!

REMEMBER: Listen more to what is being said instead of thinking about what you want to say next.

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What are some tips you have developed for when opportunity comes knocking on your door? Feel free to share in the comments section to help other readers learn.


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