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Moving Beyond Adversity Builds Business

Moving Beyond Adversity Builds Business

Have you been caught in adversity and didn’t know what to do?
Are you responding to adversity in a positive manner?
Do you hang-out with adversity too long?

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Moving Beyond Adversity Builds YOUR Business

Moving beyond adversity is one of the most valuable awareness for any business leaders’ success! It builds character, alliances, reputation, revenue, and businesses. When was the last time you were caught in a situation which required you moving beyond adversity?

Your Most Recent Moving Beyond Adversity Moment

When was the last time you needed to be moving beyond adversity? Did you get stuck in adversity too long? Were you able to move beyond, or did you get stuck there?

My most recent and noteworthy “moving beyond adversity” moment was last month, when I presented a 2 hour workshop for Wisconsin Business Owners. The night (or early in the morning) before the presentation, I saw it glaring me straight into my eyes. The 8 page booklet I had printed for this workshop, was printed backwards! Everything backwards, except for the covers!

I had specifically designed the audience’s booklet as a workbook for them to work through as I introduced topics. There was a logical sequence to this. Heck, it even aligned with my PowerPoint of course!

This was my opportunity of “moving beyond adversity”. Especially at the 11th hour! What did I do? Did I change the whole presentation so it didn’t make sense but it would align with the workbook? No. I owned it. I utilized it with the audience as a learning lesson about “moving beyond adversity” in any situation. I owned it, made a joke, told everyone how we were going to approach this differently, and then moved on. By the way, no one really gave it any more thought and it became an endearing aspect of the workshop.

When in a sticky situation, what are you doing to keep moving beyond adversity?

Too often I see Business Leaders bash themselves for their adverse moments. I don’t believe this is beneficial to building a business – especially when they go on and on. Today, being credible is important. Credibility is crucial to gain others’ business.

Own your truth about this adverse situation and then find the quickest way to move beyond it!

The Holiday Season is upon us and often scheduling conflicts arise during this time of the year to fulfill all obligations. By swiftly moving beyond adversity, ideally with minimal negative impact, you can keep you head in the game and make good decisions. Be wise and shine!

Please feel free to comment or share  how you move beyond adverse situations…


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. is no stranger to moving beyond adversity – this is one of the things we help our clients with consistently! If Business Leaders (Business Owners) weren’t in adverse situations or wanting to assure it doesn’t happen again, we wouldn’t be in business. Call us if you’re interested in some rescuing from something that is crushing you or keeping you in the haze. We’re ready to help you have your own Brilliant Breakthroughs!


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  1. Loved the fact that you owned it; had several of these during my presentations where I misspelled a word (or two! opps!) on various Powerpoint presentations. I owned my mistake and moved on! (Just shows we’re human too!)

    Just this weekend at a crowded store I ran into impatient holiday shoppers — one man rushed past a woman rudely. I was witness. She got upset (rightfully so). But my inner guidance said not to judge or let this adversity affect me. The woman called the retreating man an *-hole. She looked at me for support. Out of my mouth came the following words: “You know what Jesus would do? Bless him.” She blinked at me, the wind taken out of her sails a bit. “I’ll bless him–with my foot!” she declared, faltering, know she just took the low road.

    Each day we are faced with adversity — both in our private and business lives. One can choose to take the high road or the low road. Sometimes the high road comes with a bit more effort…but the climb is worth the results.

    1. Pretty amazing it isn’t it? Adversity lurks everywhere! Way to go on inviting someone to take the high road. It’s one of the concepts I spend a great deal of time on when I’m mentoring youth. They “get it” and see the value of living life on the high road! Hope your year end wraps up the way you anticipate 🙂

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