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Making things difficult doesn’t support success

Making things difficult illustrated by average women doing amateur hiking on mountainous path as she reaches a summer that's treacherous.
Making things difficult makes it difficult for success to find you!

Making things difficult doesn’t
support success!

Making things difficult is a common behavior among Business Owners. Are you someone who complicates things whether you do it intentionally of not? Your To-Do List will give you clues if you are or aren’t. It will also share with you if this is hindering YOUR Business Performance.

Humans are complicated creatures. We like to complexify whatever we can. This behavior is common with entrepreneurs too! However, this doesn’t imply it is assisting success. Gee, I even catch myself making things far too difficult at times!

Making things difficult doesn’t need to be your struggle

Over the years, clients have come to me for assistance with the three main activities most Business Owners struggle to overcome.

  1. Not Completing Tasks
  2. Procrastination
  3. Multi-tasking

Note: I believe we default to multi-tasking to over compensate numbers one and two.

Is there a way to move beyond these three classic difficulties
of Business Management?

Yes. It’s a technique called “batching”. Batching helps you become significantly more efficient. How? You are taking similar tasks and batching or clustering them together and doing only these activities during a set time frame. Batching works because your tactics are laser-focused on completing only this one task as swiftly as possible. This allows you to move onto the next.

What are some activities you can batch? Invoicing, social media, training, marketing, sales appointments, serving your customers (hours of operations), errands, email, follow-up calls, training time, bookkeeping, and product development. Doesn’t this cover most of what you need to do every day? Sure it does. We love making things difficult, don’t we? Now you have a choice to change this.

How do you quite making things difficult? Just imagine… what if you could complete your social media marketing in 20-30 minutes a day? What if you would only check and send emails 2-3 times a day? What if you could have a concentrated half a day a week to develop products or create your blogs? What if you could stack all your errands on top of eachother so you’re running around less?

Everyday we work to minimize our difficulties. Self-management as a Business Owners is an ongoing training all onto itself.

Batching is one of the greatest solutions my clients and I have found to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Note: When I don’t batch activities I feel scattered. It has supported me well. Practicing batching has granted me more time to take on other projects. Why don’t you give it a try?

What could you begin batching to ease your workload? Comments are welcomed. I will reply.

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p.s. Begin practicing batching so you can enjoy more summer time fun!

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