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Leadership Myth: Are You Falling for it?

Leadership Myth: Are you falling for it?

Curious how leadership’s history shapes business today?
Do you know some of these leadership myths?

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Leadership Myth Debunked!

The leadership myth is alive and well. Scratch that, many myths of leadership still exist! The question is how many of them are absolute truths? Not many, if any! Let’s review several and learn if you are a myth believer or myth buster.

Leadership Myth: Leaders are always at the front or top of an organization

Absolutely not! The leadership myth perpetuates that only the privileged are leaders. Leaders can come from any level. It’s not uncommon to find someone who isn’t the official leader of the organization and is a leader of a particular skill or capability. Another type of leader is an influencer. Influential leaders, regardless of title, are extremely powerful because have the capability to guide others.

Leadership Myth: Leaders are born, not made

This one always makes me chuckle. Repeatedly, research has proven that leaders can be taught a majority of the core competencies necessary to be successful! As I say, “Leaders come in all different shapes and sizes.” What if you don’t have one of the leadership core competencies? Hire an expert to cover that circumstance. Hire someone that you trust explicitly and one that can teach you. Indeed, I’d like to mention that some leaders are natural leaders. Some people naturally step into leadership roles and make it look effortless because it is an innate capability.

Leadership Myth: Leaders always get the best of everything

The whole organization needs to share all resources. Better leaders ask their team what resources they need to complete their tasks effectively. Then allocate funds to fulfill the organization’s most critical priorities first. Better leaders frequently take a backseat and guide from behind the scene.

Leadership Myth: Leaders disregard others

It’s still far too common when leaders do not appreciate their organization’s greatest asset – the human resource. People are the greatest resource in any size organization, especially if smaller. Organizations aren’t able to accomplish their objectives without the physical and mental capabilities of people. People make the difference of a business’s success. Each team member is authentically valued by better leaders.

Debunking the many Leadership Myths

The above are just a few of the leadership myths circulating. Last year I was invited by Dr. Jo Anna Rakowski, who specializes in organizational development, to co-author a scholarly research article. We wrote an outstanding paper about how classical music in the 18th century produced 5 primary leadership styles which we still routinely utilize today. We presented the research findings in Vienna, Austria earlier this year and we were well received. More importantly, this fresh approach to leadership performance was well received. We were thrilled because we debunk some traditional thoughts!

Next week, I have the honor of presenting our findings to The Wisconsin Business Owners Meetup Group at the monthly Lunch and Learn on Friday, September 26th. I’m rather excited because I just finished adapting the presentation for Business Owners. My focus is to help everyone understanding leadership in a different manner. Ideally, in a manner which will help Business Owners identify the 5 primary leadership approaches and be able to effectively discern which one is serves best during different circumstances. Additionally, we will have a unique history lesson in leadership. All this will help Business Owners gain wisdom to optimize their leadership and business performance. If you are in Wisconsin, please join us by clicking on this sentence.

Finding your own leadership style to optimize your performance is what matters most. It isn’t necessary for you to fall into the leadership myths out there. Just take your time, follow your heart, and treat people well. Most likely you will be a great leader!

Any questions or comments, please feel free to share in the comments section!


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