January 9


Lead with Integrity to Catapult Business Reputation

Lead with Integrity-
Wise Counsel for Business Owners, Managers, and Executives

To demonstrate how to lead with integrity there are golden fireworks and "Your Excellence Matters" in Purple
To Lead with Integrity is Excellence in Action

“Wisdom is knowing the right path to take.
Integrity is taking it.”

~ Mac Anderson

Today while working with a client, he told me how he wanted to “make sure he rebuilt his business with integrity”. When I heard this I was excited! How many people are ready to step into integrity?

Lead with the Endgame in Mind

If you want to be known as a person with integrity, it means you must be more than just conscious. You must be conscientious. What’s the difference? Conscious is being aware. Conscientious is being aware and then doing the right thing. When we are conscientious we consistently lead by right thoughts, right words, and right actions. Others, have the honor of witnessing this unique trait in action. Remember: As we lead, we always have options.

Will you lead from a stance of wise choices?

When one accepts the role to lead, looking in the mirror to assure integrity becomes a full-time job. Lead, implies a follower or followers exist. The choice to lead with integrity is very popular. It is easy to set such standards; yet, not always easy to live into. It isn’t a natural tendency for humans.

“Integrity is not automatic. It results from self-discipline, hard-found character,
solidified beliefs, and the relentless pursuit of honesty.”
~ Todd Duncan,  2005, The Essence of Leadership

Pay attention the next time you hear the words, or versions of “authentic” or “transparent”. Contemplate if the word being expressed ought to be “integrity” or “conscientious”.

To lead with integrity is bold and courageous way of being. It supports good business. Allow it to invite you into a new reality, one moment at a time.

Please feel free to comment about leading with integrity… successes, challenges, ?


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p.s.: When we lead with integrity we instantly catapult the clout of our business. Lead by example.


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