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Your “I can do it” attitude instantly changes everything

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Step 1: “I can do it” attitude to save the day!

Your “I can do it” attitude 
instantly changes everything

My “I can do it” attitude was reinforced about 20 years ago from an elderly women I met at a workshop. She was a nun who was well accomplished. You’ll appreciate how this story will easily improve YOUR Business’s Performance.

The first time I really listened to the “I can do it” attitude

Sr. Francesca was a short elderly women. She was a tough cookie, with a heart of gold, and worked in a rough area in Chicago. She enjoyed working with all people; however, she had a special place in her heart for teenagers. She was highly accomplished and still on the go in her later years.

Over the years, she shared many stories of her past and present with me. By herself, she would drive from Chicago to Florida to vacation with family. She’d take other sisters to their doctors appointment – zipping all around Chicago. She also ran an auxiliary women’s group.

If I recall correctly, she was Dean of Students for the Catholic High School. Perhaps one of Sr. Francesca’s shining moments was when she took on converting the high school’s library from the Dewey Decimal System to the Library of Congress System. A friend, who worked at a library, shared with me this conversion is quite an undertaking and not easily accomplished.

When I asked Sr. Francesca how she did all these things with no guidance or mentoring, she replied, “I’ve been asked to do many unique things over time. I didn’t know how to do any of these strange things. But when I was asked, I said ‘Yes, I can do it.’ Then I researched like mad to learn how to do it well.” (This was before the internet is what it is now. So she was referencing learning without google’s assistance.)

She continued to share the importance of saying “Yes!” and then learning as you go. She was a women of action and extra-ordinary success.

You Can Instantly Change Everything

Here’s a reflection point for you to assess your attitude.

Small Business Owner A: Must take on a task, but doesn’t want to do it. They will have to adjust their schedule, get some training, and figure out how this new task integrates with the other aspects of their business. Begrudgingly, they start on this project. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy as everything ends up “needing a fix” along the way. 

Small Business Owner B: Takes on the same task as A. B has the exact same learning curves and has a very different attitude about this task. B believes it’s possible to do all this in a good way and takes on the challenge with a “I can do it” attitude. This task takes time, but it isn’t taxing, Much will need updating as I/we integrate it into the business. B sees this as an opportunity to improve everything along the way.

Question: When you approach tasks or projects, which approach do you naturally take?

Our attitude shapes our outlook, which shapes our reality of our experiences.

Attitude Approach

If our attitude shapes how we experience life and business, wouldn’t it be beneficial to approach each day and task with an “I can do it” attitude? 

I admit, sometimes it may be hard to muster such a positive attitude, but it is far better than experiencing the results of not having it. Remember Small Business Owner A’s world? 

This is one of those crazy simple things that is highly effective – that’s why we forget about it and don’t apply it as often as we could.

As you take on new tasks and projects, slow down to create a favorable outcome for yourself. Get this first step into place before you start the tactics. Adding the I can do it approach will save you plenty of grief along the way!

Thank you Sr. Francesca for sharing this invaluable lesson to help everyone improve their success rate!

Remember: Right Thoughts, coupled with Right Actions, deliver favorable outcomes.

How do you intend to apply this simple attitude adjustment to support your better business experience? Feel free to answer in the comment section.


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