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Hard work pays off for Small Business Owners

Hard work for Business Owners illustrated by a World War 1 Trench and soldier getting ready to advance out of trench.
Hard Work Pays Off for Business Owners who have been in the Trenches.

Hard Work Pays Off for
Small Business Owners

Is the hard work of “making it happen” exhausting you?
How frustrated are you with “not getting it just right” yet?
Are you ready for some more success?

Hard Work is part of the entrepreneurs’ journey. Very seldom does business success come swiftly and effortlessly. It can happen, but more often than not we hear success stories of hard work and obstacles. Isn’t that what inspires us? Isn’t it odd how we appreciate hearing stories of other struggles but aren’t interested in having any of our own?

Two Benefits to YOUR Hard Work

I believe part of the hard work is for small business owners to learn what they are made of. Developing oneself as a Business Owner and Leader is fundamental to YOUR Success Journey. The other part of the hard work small businesses encounter is learning how to improve upon YOUR Expertise.

When you start your business or new journey with a product, you think you know what is best. Through experimentation, customer feedback, etc., you learn what is better. Hopefully that is what you are serving up to your customers! Remember how it took WD-40 40 experiments to get their formula correct? Click here to read more about WD-40’s hard work pay-off.

Business Owners are rewarded with sales for their hard work. Sales are what makes all the hard work and effort worth it! It’s part of YOUR Success Journey. Don’t minimize how being in the trenches at times is exhilarating. Many of us learn best when we are in the trenches or our own back is pressed tightly against the wall.

When caught in the trenches, don’t just jump out of them too soon. You are there for a reason! The gift trenches offer Small Business Owners is the opportunity to find solutions. Usually your new solutions are much better than what placed you in the trenches in the first place!

Supporting Quotes for Times of Hard Work:

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
~ Beverly Sills

“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.”
~Jim Rohn

“Sometimes there’s not a better way.
Sometimes there’s only the hard way.”
~Mary E. Pearson

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary
is that little extra.”
~Jimmy Johnson

“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery,
it would not seem so wonderful at all.”

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p.s. I believe in hard work and great rewards. I’ll do what it takes to create something better. Next I reflect on what the difference was I created. I’ll then support the better approach by developing a new system to support it.


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