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Goal Measuring for Attaining Success

Goal Measuring

Do you know the importance of measuring goals?
Are you aware what aspects are important to measure?
Do you know what you REALLY want to accomplish?

How is creating a good measurement strategy for your goal supportive?

Alright, this month we spoke a great deal about how to create and take action on a goal of yours. We even spoke about the benefit of having a goal. Now it’s time to add the last final piece to helping you with your goal: appropriate measurement. This is an equally important step in the process as it will help you become aware, in real-time, which  corrective actions may be necessary to support your success.

I was thinking about using a scuba diving example here because I thought it would be fun, but then I remembered this should be relevant. So let’s work with something really basic… in the spirit of the upcoming Winter Olympics, let’s say you want to become a snowboarder 🙂

Step 1: “Why do I really want to become a snowboarder?”

The first step to measuring a goal is making sure you have an appropriate goal. So if it’s that “I want to be a snowboarder”, that’s awesome. We don’t need much measuring here. You’re either snowboarding or not. Most goals don’t just happen – they are stretches for us.

So let’s talk about a person who really wants to become a snowboarder and has knee problems, is a little overweight, and lives in milder climates. The question is “Why do I want to be a snowboarder?” The why will help us figure out what is the driving force behind this goal. It’s important to understand that just checking out snowboarding isn’t the goal we are speaking of  (that’s just an activity). We are really talking about a true desire to become a snowboarder.

Step 2: Knowing what’s important to measure and what isn’t to accomplish a goal

Often, when we set goals we create goals which are difficult to manage because they are a stretch. They command our consistent commitment. Let’s look at the stretch goal to become a snowboarder 🙂

In order for this person to stretch into the snowboarding goal several things need to be accomplished: weight loss, doctor appointment to have knees checked, create a work-out strategy to lose weight and condition body for this physical task, eat effectively, find a snowboarding instructor, get proper gear, and potentially relocate to a snowier geography.

Isn’t this great? Now we have something to measure to review this person’s progress 🙂 Each one of the above items is something which can be measured. Think about it this way, if you can measure the progress you are making (even if you aren’t meeting your goal yet) you are being successful. In fact, all those little successes will give you an endorphin surge and you will want to make more successes happen to feel “good” more often. Another way to say this: Success breeds success!

Measuring your progress, especially at the detailed level, will help support your overall goal: to be a snowboarder. Of course, when you develop a strong goal you notice that being a snowboarder involves much more that clicking yourself into the board’s binds and start going down a hill. Anyone can do that! The key is about your ability to become a successful snowboarder who can be breezing downhill with minimal mental and physical stress so you can continue this activity. (Anyone can be a one hit wonder – goals are about actualizing something new into your life.)

Step 3: Measure Twice, Cut Once

When you are working on actualizing goals, it is important to remember to measure twice. What do we mean? Well, l Step 2 is about measuring twice as well as understand what must occur. Step 2 is about measuring what matters to deliver the over goal (the action which support the goal coming to life). If you can develop the 2nd layer of supporting actions to help you change, you are more apt to change and actualize your goal.

NOTE: Measuring twice can be about having accountability to/with someone who can give you appropriate feedback (second round of assessment). Find ways to support creating a new reality for yourself. Remember: Allow this review to help you choose successful actions for daily success!

Goal Measurement
Goal Measurement

Goals are our topic for January’s Monday posts:

Our Monday posts during the month of January will also address, the purpose of goals, the basics of developing solid goals, the benefit of goals, and measuring results of your goals. If you stay with our Monday posts this month, you will be all set to develop any goals – in a good way to support your success!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: which step is the one requiring your focus this year? Please share so we can learn from each others best practices 🙂


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
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