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Find a New Role Model for Yourself

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Is it time for a new role model to better guide you to your desired outcome?

Find a New Role Model for Yourself

Do you have a new role model to guide your thoughts and actions for your new goals? If not, you may want to find one to assist you to achieve great results!

Too often Small Business Owners (SBOs) find someone they like and will try to emulate that person for everything involved in their personal and professional lives. This isn’t the most effective way to utilize role models to support YOUR Business’s Performance, nor your own.

If you want to make progress, seek out someone who has already accomplished what you have OR they have the attributes you need to apply to an outcome you seek. This approach will serve you best!

At first this might not seem like a practical approach and it will slow you down to have different role models for different things you are trying to accomplish, but it isn’t. It will actually accelerate your success rate.

Case Study Validating New Role Model Effectiveness

I have a client I worked with years ago. He experienced great success and we stay in touch from time to time. Recently he told me he wanted to do something a little different, but was having some difficulties using his role model’s playbook for this new project. It just wasn’t going as smoothly as he anticipated. 

He said, “The last time I followed X’s approach, everything went great. I was really happy with the results. Heck, I studied their every move. I applied it accordingly and it was amazing at how simple and successful everything became. That part of my business only needs maintenance now. This new project is getting very bad results using the same approach. Can we talk? I think I might have to scratch this project.”

After about 10 minutes of conversation, I was zeroing in on the fact that even though the old role model was highly effective for his other project, it wasn’t at all the correct one for this new project. The role model, who worked well, for the old project, didn’t have the Right Thoughts and Right Actions required for the new project. 

The highly successful role model for one project wasn’t at all effective for another project! Simple solution: Find a new role model!

Selecting a New Role Model

As we already said, your new role model should have prior success of the necessary attributes and/or experience for the type of outcome you are seeking to achieve.

Example: If your last project required you to be creative and cutting edge, Steve Jobs may have successfully guided you. If this new project requires getting back to the basics, Steve Jobs may not be the right guide. 

TIP: Take 15 minutes to assess what your greatest needs are for your new projects. Then, seek the best role model to support your success. 

REMEMBER: Role models could be fictional characters (Wonder Women, Captain America, Mary Poppins) or historical characters (Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi), or living characters (Olympians, Oprah). The key is to pick the one to guide your circumstances and/or needs. 

Whatever you are trying to accomplish, take the time to get your support in place. The right expert to guide you will make all the difference! 

What attributes or outcomes are you seeking? Feel free to share, maybe another reader can introduce you to a new role model!

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