October 12


Successful Business Owners falling to their knees over technology blips

Successful Business Owners
falling to their knees
over technology blips

Business Coaching of Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.'s Technology blips illustrated with image of cables porting to router.
Don’t let a box and cables bring you to your knees with technology blips!

Falling to their knees, over technology blips, isn’t an uncommon experience for Small Business Owners (SBOs). This is unfortunate, but often true.

This past week I’ve had a tech blip and two of my clients have as well. All very different experiences, but similar in the breaking point of one’s spirit and momentum to some degree.

OK, we get technology blips happen all the time. Gee, even archaic faxes gave us grief! I know I’m still waiting on some from the late 90s to appear – bet you are too!

So what do we need to do when tech is failing us? Don’t unravel.

It happens. One day you find yourself on your knees because of technology blips. Now what?

7 Practical Steps to Managing Technology Blips

  1. Take a deep breath in and then a long exhale
  2. Own your blip
  3. Investigate any recent changes which may have created or impacted your blip
  4. Reach out to your appropriate tech team members to correct your blip
  5.  Be patient and helpful with any relevant information
  6. Test the correction once it’s implemented.
  7. Be patient with learning any new protocols

These new blips we contend with every day are due to a variety of different incompatibilities occurring. Some technology blips require minor and swift corrections while others are much more tedious and complex. Sounds like humans, doesn’t it?

The key is to own it all and be patient while diligently working to improve the blip. Oh, and don’t throw your laptop out the window… you’ll have more issues to deal with if you do that!

What have you found to be helpful, or not, when your technology blips? 


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p.s. Tech is a necessary tool for 21st century SBOs. Use it, learn it, and be patient with yourself.

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