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Creation Boards help you to develop your business success

creation boards for business success is illustrated as a blank white dry eraser board on an easel.
Creation Boards are a Magical Canvas to help you develop a business model, and offering, or a new whatever for your business.

Creation Boards help you to develop
your business success

Creation Boards – what are they? We hear about Vision Boards and Goal Boards, but have you heard of Creation Boards? OK, I admit it is a term I created when I was developing my business, but let me share the impact of this business tool. I assure you, it will help you improve YOUR Business Profitability.

What are Creation Boards?

About 15 years ago I started building my Business Coaching Practice. At that time I didn’t have a whiteboard. Dry eraser white boards weren’t common back then. I needed to “see” what my thoughts were of my business model, my website layout, and my offerings. I had plenty of things to develop.

What did I do? I took pieces of scrap paper and started writing  and drawing out my thoughts. Then I moved up to blank pieces of paper without anything on the back. Wow, I felt like I hit the big time then!

After that I allowed myself to splurge and get colored paper to inspire my creativity even more. Then colored sticky notes appeared on the scene and my thoughts were easily interchangeable. When the project became more complex, I bought poster board to move the sticky notes around until it looked just right.

Today I use a dry eraser white board and some of the other techniques. Heck, I even put sticky notes on my Magical White Board!

Creation Boards may be any paper, sticky notes,  sand, white board, or any other surface we utilize to lay-out what we’re creating. Artists uses canvas and other mediums. In Business, we use white boards and now some newer software to create or develop a business and everything to support its success!

We innately know how to use Creation Boards

Some of us still embrace goofing off and do this as adults but many children do this repeatedly. Draw on a steamed up car window, fogged mirror, or even a blank wall. Why? We love to express ourselves. We enjoy creating.

The Magical White Board I referenced in this blogpost years ago still holds true today. When I go to my white board, whatever has been blocked is released once I put the marker on the board. Magically, my solution appears.

When clients are in my office and they get stuck, I encourage them to go to My Magical White Board. Yesterday I watched a client define his customers’ needs further and create the method/format of his main business offering. It was, pardon me, Magical! Then he took a photo of it so he could take it back to his office and continue to create. I do this too before I erase and move on to my next creation.

TIP: Use whatever “canvas” you have available at the time to create your business and all its components. If possible get a white board for yourself. My magical White Board is only about 30 inches by 40 inches. It doesn’t need to be huge to be effective. Remember you can do this on a piece of paper too, which is precisely how a majority of my Creation Boards begin.

Don’t wait! Have fun creating  YOUR Business Success today.

What’s waiting so show up on your Creation Board this week? Share your answer in the comment section.


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