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Cosmic productivity win for Small Business Owners

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Cosmic productivity win
for Small Business Owners

Cosmic productivity is really where most of Amercia’s heads are focused this week and rightly so!

Cosmic events happen every day. Certain cosmic events happen only once or twice in our lifetime.

This unique cosmic event (“The Great American Total Solar Eclipse”) occurs right in the middle of Monday’s workday in the United States. Across the country, businesses are telling their employees to talk a long lunch. Encouraging them to join in the spirit of this cosmic event.

I find this interesting AND the correct choice for management to make. Why? The buzz around this event is too big to battle. Everyone is distracted.

Cosmic Productivity Secret

The key to productivity is concentration. When distractions occur concentration is broken. It then takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds (research of University of California Irvine) to get back to the same level of concentration prior to the distraction. Note: if it is even possible to do so. 

For the past 15 years, similar research results has been found and validated. It’s clear to see how two distractions in an hour assures very little is accomplished.

Could this be why your tasks lists doesn’t get complete or you’re rushing to complete something last minute? Yepperdoodle!

Consider working on a single task for 20, 50, or 90 minutes, then taking a 10 minute break? What would you be able to accomplish? More than you are currently.

Why could this make your productivity become quantum or cosmic productivity?

You’re working 2 key teachings of productivity: concentration and single-tasking

When you single task, you aren’t distracting your own self. Sounds funny doesn’t it?

It appears that if someone or something else isn’t distracting us, we do it to ourselves. (Don’t worry, we aren’t going to do any psycho-analysis here!)

Are you more interested in allowing your concentration to be distracted or walk away from work as an Achiever at the end of each day?

All this makes me think of those warm lyrics, “Here Comes the Sun”. Then quickly shifts to the deep tones of “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Have fun enjoying this cosmic moment and then get right back to what is necessary!

Curious? What your secret to assure “cosmic productivity”?


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