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March Madness and the Business of Performance

March Madness reflects the Business of Performance Which March Madness Bug Bit You? What can you learn from March Madness? The spirit of performance truly matters! March Madness occurs every spring. No, I’m not referencing cabin fever or even spring fever. I’m referencing the big business of America’s March Madness Basketball Tournaments. In America, a […]

Others are required to help you become successful

Others are required to help you become successful- if you want your ripple effect to endlessly expand “Help others get what they want and you may find that you get what you want too.” ~Anon Yesterday I spent time with a new client and a someone I recently met. Fascinating, but not surprisingly, both these […]

Super Bowl 2015: Lessons from The Dream Match Up

Super Bowl 2015: Dream Match Up Spectacular to Watch! Super Bowl fanfare. Family appropriate halftime show. Match up grudge until the very end of the game. Why was Super Bowl 2015 a great match up? The NFL’s 2015 Super Bowl match up was spectacular for many reasons! First: New England’s Patriots and Seattle’s Seahawks were […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. TOPIC: Southwest Airlines illustrate by image of their plane.

Business Strategy: #1 Priority of Southwest Airlines – updated

#1 Priority of Southwest Airlines Do you treat your staff with respect? Are all team members equally valued? Do you create fun at work? Southwest Airlines figured out a few very important aspects of business. This airline is know for being exception. Do you know why? Let’s take a look at the #1 priority of […]