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Knowing your Back-up Plan when looking in your rearview mirror and noticing angry snowman chasing you!

Back-up Plan Insights for Business Success

Back-up Plan for YOUR Business Success? Do you have a back-up plan? Do you need a back-up plan? Does it matter if you have one or not? Back-up plans significantly matter. Please allow me to clarify my concept of what I mean as I share back-up plans today. A back-up plan isn’t an exit strategy. […]

Overcoming obstacles depicted by two men doing karate and one jumping high in the air to execute a blow to the face of the opponent

Obstacles create opportunities for businesses

Obstacles Create Opportunities for Businesses “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” ~Hanna More Obstacles occur in many shapes and sizes. Obstacles will always exist. Why then, do we allow them to kick us in the butt so much? Ongoing obstacles are the norm Throughout history humankind […]

TED Talks: Silly Innovation Technique for Boosting Business

TED Talks Featuring: Silly Innovation Technique for Boosting Your Business’s Originality & Sales When did you last listen to one of the TED Talks? How can TED Talks help you grow your business? TED Talks are all the rave. They are a trend which isn’t going away any time soon. Infact, they are gaining momentum! […]

Prepared-ness gives your business the upperhand

Prepared-ness gives YOUR Business Upperhand How prepared are you to support your business? Prepared-ness is fundamental to success. Business depends on us being prepared. When was the last time you found found yourself snagged – caught in a situation when you weren’t prepared and a mini disaster unfolded right before your very own eyes? It […]

Networking tips for building real relationships

Networking Tips for Building Real Relationship Do you fret networking opportunities? Are you a good networker? Ready for some practical networking tips?   Networking tips are common. But when was the last time you learned networking tips that were actually applicable in a practical manner AND actually worked? For a long time this was the […]

Action Items vs. Strategies: Any Difference?

Action Items versus Strategies: What’s the Difference? Action items support your success and are completely different from strategies. Even though these two are different, they support one another to generate great profit and success! Every successful business has a great strategy – most likely for multiple aspects of business and action items to deliver the […]

March Madness and the Business of Performance

March Madness reflects the Business of Performance Which March Madness Bug Bit You? What can you learn from March Madness? The spirit of performance truly matters! March Madness occurs every spring. No, I’m not referencing cabin fever or even spring fever. I’m referencing the big business of America’s March Madness Basketball Tournaments. In America, a […]

March Fourth Activities to March Forth for Businesses

March Fourth Activities Actively Support Businesses to March Forth: Onward and Outward! Is there something you have been wanting to to do? Are you ready to move forward on something right now? Will you take advantage of today’s date? March Fourth (March 4th) is the only day on the calendar which is actually a command! […]

First Quarter Business Performance Wrap Up

This month the first quarter performance will wrap up in less than 30 days, are you on track? Are your sales numbers where they need to be right now? Is your Q1 Revenue Action Plan on track? Have you started defining Q2’s Action Plan? First Quarter (Q1) buzz is such a uplifting experience! The first […]

Steve Jobs: The Innovation Secrets Book Review

Steve Jobs Wisdom for Business Owners: Book Review of “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” Steve Jobs was an extraordinary individual who marched to the beat of his own drum! Yesterday would have been his 60th birthday. Many people thought Steve Jobs was a genius. In many aspects I agree, but I reference genius differently. […]