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Survival Tool depicts tools for survival, not business.

Survival of the fittest doesn’t always win business

Survival of the fittest isn’t always winning business today “Survival of the fittest always wins.” This is a myth which needs to be debunked – especially in business. Survival shouldn’t even be a goal when we speak of business. Yet, new and old businesses are in survival mode. What? Business Survival is the Norm? Today […]

Spider web woven between tree branches to depict the Busyness Trap which renders us ineffective.

Snagged in the busyness trap this week?

Busyness Trap: Are you snagged in it? The Busyness Trap Does Exist The Busyness Trap is real. As you know, we are all about over-simplification here. The busyness trap occurs when we are doing things without appropriate planning and purpose. Perhaps another way to say this is “being busy for busy’s sake”. Have you ever […]

American soldier offering a red ball to 2 Middle Eastern children

Volunteering for Business Owners and Leaders

Volunteering for Business Owners & Leaders- This experience is a powerful activity Volunteering will not only provide for other, it will give you unexpected gifts in return for your service. Did you know volunteering has become fashionable again? Are Business Owners & Leaders Hypocrites? This past weekend was Memorial Day. During this weekend of remembrance […]

Business Cycles depicted by 5 red bicycles lined up in bicycle rack

Business cycles are always giving us clues

Business Cycles give clues: AMC’s series “Mad Men” was filled with them! Business cycles are always giving us clues regarding what to prepare for to assure the best possible outcome. Yet, most people don’t notice them! Often, business cycles are left to a couple of people in a business. It seems everyone else blindly goes about […]

Precise communication depicted with a male archer releasing his bow and the arrow is starting to fly toward its target.

Precise communication for business effectiveness

Precise Communication: Your customers want it! Is your communication precise? Do your customers understand what you’re saying? Precise communication has been a hot topic for many of my clients for the past week. From one client considering offering a service as a ghostwriter of presentations and reports to another client on creating great proposals. Oh, […]

An eagle soaring open-winged to demonstrate the ability to soar

Ability, Motivation, Attitude: Keys to Business Success

Ability, Motivation, & Attitude: Do you have better keys for business success? “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” ~Lou Holtz Ability reveals the level of success your business can attain. Why? If you have ability (capabilities and skills), you have confidence. Confidence […]

Meeting agendas are becoming extinct – are yours?

Meeting agenda: is yours already extinct? Are you delivering impactful meetings? Meeting agenda… is it a focus or dodo bird in your organization? Several years ago, I started noticing articles for managers and leaders to be more mindful of setting a meeting agenda. Yet today, it seems that agendaless meetings are more the norm! How […]

Need a break? Depicted by a couple laying in the grass, under a tree, reading a novel from a tablet.

Need a break? Take a day off and celebrate your success!

Need a break?  Why don’t you take a day off? Are you ready to honor all you success with a time-out? Do you need to take a break from things? When was the last time you took a break? Need a break? It’s Friday… why not this Friday or next? You’ve been working hard. Even […]