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Excellence as the spirit of your work

Excellence as the spirit of YOUR work Are you choosing excellence? Do you utilize excellence as a way of being? Are you noticed for excellent work? Recently I noticed there are a great deal of workshops being offered this month which are designed to help people, either personally or professionally, move their actions toward excellence. […]

Customer Purpose is Your Business

Customer Purpose is YOUR Business? Are you dependent upon your customer? Do you know your customer’s purpose? Are you serving your customers best? I just ran across the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi regarding customers. Why would a peace activist speak about customers you ask?  Well, he was an attorney. And yes, attorneys need to […]

Inspiration Required Lately?

Inspiration Required Lately? Are you lacking inspiration? Do you know how to make a big splash? Are you sitting on an idea that is a “game changer”? Inspiration is expected to be provided, by Business Leaders, to others at all times. Is this a practical expectation? No! From time to time a Business Leader needs […]

Business Strategy: Celebration Time!

YOUR BUSINESS RESCUE COACH ASKS YOU: When did you last celebrate a success? Curious why you should celebrate successes? Are your best business strategies letting you down? Last week, I achieved a professional milestone. This blog posted its 200th post! YAY!!! Pretty fantastic,  huh? When I realized I was comping up on it I thought […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Your confidence illustrated by a bullfighter in the ring.

Your Confidence Directly Impacts Your Revenue: Business Strategy

YOUR Confidence Directly Impacts YOUR Revenue What are you doing to boost your confidence level? This past week I had several people and clients share that they are (a) “lacking confidence to do their job well”, (b) asking me, “How I can be more confident?”, (c) said they are “unsure of what they want for […]