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Marketplace Presence Boosts Your Revenue

Marketplace Presence Boosts YOUR Revenue… Considerably! Learning how to build YOUR Marketplace Presence confusing you? Do you have a strategy to building YOUR Marketplace Presence? Curious what the key to building your own marketplace could be? Marketplace Presence is one of the easiest ways to gain visibility and improve revenue for ANY business. Right now, […]

Promoting Business to Serve and Improve Revenue

Promoting Business to Serve and Improve Revenue: What are you doing to promote your business? Are you showing up in a good way in your marketplace? Promoting Business to Serve and Improve Revenue is part of your business’s success equation. Often my clients have altruist ideas for their business’s offerings. I thoroughly enjoy working with […]

Maximizing Performance Impedes Your Progress

Maximizing Performance What do you need to know about maximizing performance? Do you know the pitfalls of maximizing performance? How can you optimize performance? Maximizing performance of yourself and your business isn’t an easy task. I personally believe that it is because maximization should NOT be our goal! Why would a coach who is all […]

The Value of Your Offerings

The Value of YOUR Offerings: Are they increasing?   Do you continuously add value to your offerings? Are you deliberating over what to can create? Do you know what YOUR Ideal Customers value? Business Leaders are responsible for offering awesome products and services for customers to buy. So how does your revenue stream look these […]

YOUR Excellence Matters to YOUR Success

TODAY’S BUSINESS STRATEGY: YOUR Excellence Matters! Business Rescue Coach Maggie asks you: Do you play the excellence game? Are you aware of exactly what YOUR Excellence is to share? Do you know how to position YOUR Excellence in the marketplace?   YOUR Business Strategy today is to stop for 5-10 minutes and ponder what YOUR […]

Business Strategy: 5 Steps to a Powerful Name

YOUR BUSINESS RESCUE COACH ASKS YOU: Do you carefully select identifiable names for your offerings? Is  your title properly identifying  your role and accountability? Are you struggling to find the right name for your business or department? YOUR Business Strategy today is to evaluate if you have chosen appropriate names and/or titles within your organization […]

Business Strategy: Stop YOUR Blame Game

YOUR BUSINESS RESCUE COACH ASKS YOU: Are you playing the blame game too often? Do you own what is and work to re-align it?   YOUR Business Strategy today is Stop YOUR Blame Game – it impedes upon your success! What on earth am I speaking of? This business strategy comes to mind after reading […]

Business Strategy: Spring Fling for YOUR Customers

YOUR BUSINESS RESCUE COACH ASKS YOU: Is you business strategy fresh? Is your approach to the marketplace fresh?   YOUR Business Strategy today: Are your Best Business Strategies working for you so far this year? Many people and businesses don’t take the time to freshen up their approach, look, and feel often enough for their […]