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Business Strategy: Celebration Time!

YOUR BUSINESS RESCUE COACH ASKS YOU: When did you last celebrate a success? Curious why you should celebrate successes? Are your best business strategies letting you down? Last week, I achieved a professional milestone. This blog posted its 200th post! YAY!!! Pretty fantastic,  huh? When I realized I was comping up on it I thought […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Your confidence illustrated by a bullfighter in the ring.

Your Confidence Directly Impacts Your Revenue: Business Strategy

YOUR Confidence Directly Impacts YOUR Revenue What are you doing to boost your confidence level? This past week I had several people and clients share that they are (a) “lacking confidence to do their job well”, (b) asking me, “How I can be more confident?”, (c) said they are “unsure of what they want for […]

Business Strategy: Your Confidence Increase Sales

YOUR BUSINESS RESCUE COACH ASKS YOU: Do you have confidence to share your business powerfully? Mastering this business strategy will improve sales! Over the past couple of month clients and potential clients have been asking me, “How can you stand there and say that with such confidence?” (regarding whatever it was that I was saying […]