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Creations Boards for business success is illustrated as a blank white dry eraser board on an easel.

Creation Boards help you to develop your business success

Creation Boards help you to develop your business success Creation Boards – what are they? We hear about Vision Boards and Goal Boards, but have you heard of Creation Boards? OK, I admit it is a term I created when I was developing my business, but let me share the impact of this business tool. […]

Quitting - the easy way out. Illustrated by a man's working boots worn in while in a construction workshop.

Quitting when on the verge of success

Quitting when on the verge of success – happens too frequently in small business! Quitting, it’s common. For Small Business Owners to give up when they are the verge of success is heartbreaking. Their business’s are waiting to perform, but aren’t being prepared to do so. As a Business Coach and Strategist, I see it […]

Consistency illustrated by a snow covered bridge in a wooded area that has paths of footprints in the snow.

700th blogpost: celebrating the amazing results of consistency

Today we celebrate the amazing results of consistency with our 700th blogpost of Business Coaching Consistency is the backbone of this celebration. Without consistency, there wouldn’t be 700 blogposts in less than 5 years. Consistency is a blog’s secret super-power. Why should consistency be every business’s super-power? First of all, don’t make consistency a secret […]

Being prepared illustrated by a palm up hand with a globe floating above it.

Being prepared immediately gives business owners the upper-hand

Being prepared immediately gives Business Owners the upper-hand Being prepared is a concept I value. I value it because I learned the value of it as a young girl learning how to be a Girl Scout. It was reinforced as my parents had more children. I learned how to anticipate a need for their care. […]

Business Owners boosting their profits illustrated with a digitized image in shades of blue with transparent dollars in the background with and and arrow smoothly going upward to imply growing profits.

Business Owners boosting their profits for success

Business Owners boosting their profits for success: common or uncommon? Boosting their profits is a main focus for most Business Owners. Or is it? Too often Business Owners spend their time on secondary activities which don’t improve their profit margin. They focus on activities which minimally enhance their profits. Your Business Performance depends upon you […]

Boost Focus for Business Owners is illustrated by a military trained German Shepard dog with full military harness and an American Flag patch sniffing a pith in a desert location.

3 Tips for Business Owners to Immediately Boost Focus

3 Tips for Business Owners to Immediately Boost Focus Boost focus – what’s that? Do you feel like your mojo is already flat this year? What can you do to boost focus and passion immediately? Immediately boost focus? What the heck does that mean? A Business Owner’s journey isn’t always filled with sunshine and roses. […]

Purpose and Passion illustrated by a 8 ft. snow sculpture of a man and women ice skating as one. Looking back and extending their arms from the direction they just came from.

Purpose and Passion – for it is why we and our business exists

Purpose and Passion: for it is why we exist Purpose and Passion – what’s yours? Are you and your business purposeful? Do you know the impact your purpose holds? Purpose and passion drive us. For some, it is more passion. For others, it is more purpose. The two naturally go hand in hand. Lately, it […]

Business Calendars illustrated by a tablet with 2016 calendar on it while it's placed a steel desktop. Red lettering asks: "Business Calendars: Aligned with YOUR Goals? " in dark red.

Business Calendars Aligning with YOUR Business Goals

Business Calendars of Business Owners: Does YOURS Fully Align with YOUR Business Goals? Business Calendars of Business Owners can be humorous and sometimes scary! As a Business Coach, I’ve seen a full spectrum of how Business Owners keep appointments and manage projects. I usually encounter many Small Business Owners with ineffective calendaring. It doesn’t matter if […]

YOUR Business Purpose illustrated through the precision of preparing for a Galactic Spacewalk at the International Space Station. Image of European Astronaut from Britain wearing his space suit while still inside the station.

YOUR Business Purpose and this week’s spacewalk

YOUR Business Purpose and this week’s spacewalk YOUR Business Purpose Matters! What does NASA’s / International Space Station Spacewalk have to do with YOUR Business Purpose? YOUR Business Purpose is one element of YOUR Business’s Foundation. Without knowing YOUR Business’s Purpose, you are not performing the tasks you need to for YOUR Business to be optimized… highly […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie poster with image of the main characters represented with shadows, light, and light sabers.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Business Movie Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Business Movie Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaches us about the business strategies of Perseverance, Restoration, & Right Thoughts Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) is a fascinating movie. The Force is this family’s business. It dictates roles, relationships, and strategic moves. The Force will literally make or break everyone’s […]