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Business Tips from an Amazing Birthday Card

Business Tips from a Birthday Card?
I was surprised too!

Business Tips depicted by 2 tulips one in full bloom with red, yellow and orange with a purple inside and the other read and not bloomed yet
Business Tips are Everywhere!

Business tips – I find them everywhere! Check this out: this coming Friday I have a golden birthday and hit the half century mark. So my wonderful friends took me away this past weekend to one of my favorite get-away spots on a lake and we celebrated for an extended weekend. It was a blast!

We relaxed. It was so peaceful. The weather was outstanding. We played and laughed until wee hours in the morning. Then we woke up and did it again! Even though the house was festively decorated, we spent as much time as possible outside. It happened to be unseasonably warm for this time of year. Each day we had a different celebration activity. Even a Birthday Parade with hats, sparklers, noise makers, etc, up to the very last minute before departures. I thank my dear friends of golden hearts for such a golden celebration!

Business Tips in a Birthday Card?!#&?#

The birthday cards were wonderful. It all was. I want to share the business tips from you form the last card I received… before departure. It said:

Follow your heart
Invent your future
Find what you’ve been seeking
Take charge of your destiny-
You deserve all the happiness life can bring!

The inside of the card said, “… these things you have already handled so well, keep up the good work!” This was a great acknowledgement. This gave me an opportunity to contemplate. For it is through my business that I am able to accomplish this personally. This is one of the greatest gifts businesses offer their owners/leaders.

Do YOU See Business Tips Everywhere?

When I was back home and unpacking all sorts of goodies, I read the cards again. The front of this card with the above statement could be business tips too! Business tips are everywhere. Do you see them? I do. Perhaps it’s because I’m tuned into it. Perhaps I’m tuned into it because I’m a Master Business Coach or perhaps I’m a coach because I am tuned into it.

What are you tuning into to support your professional success?

Don’t wait, start now!

It’s my birthday… and you get the sweet gift
of entertaining business tips this week

As I shared with you, I see business tips everywhere. Other than nature being a great teacher, I have a uncanny knack of watching any type of movie and noticing loads of business tips and strategies. So much so that I started a special category in this blog for “Movie Reviews for Business“. Please find this category by clicking on the right hand column on our site. Here are 40+ movies, which I have watched and wrote about the business tips and strategies I noticed from the movie (and then how to apply them to your business). The movies range from Hidalgo to Monsters Inc. to Kung Fu Panda and/or Steve Jobs to the Blind Side to The Late Quartet, and many more!

Please review the list, pick a Business Movie Review, read it and then watch the movie. You will see the movie differently! Then go back to the blog of that particular movie and review the business tips and strategies you can begin applying to your business. Please, have some fun working with business tips! If you take this action item and apply to your business, you’ll be pleased with your professional savvy and success.

Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips regarding what happens when your frustration becomes stress and impedes upon YOUR Business’s success.


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

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p. s.: Have some fun! Take a look at your next round of birthday cards and see what type of business tips are revealed to you.


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