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Business Strategy: YOUR Ideal Customer (Part 5) by The Business Rescue Coach

Question: Who is your business’s target audience?

This shouldn’t be such a hard one to answer for business owners and leaders. Surprisingly, I find that most cannot answer this question-yikes! Here’s the bottom line for all of us: If we don’t know who we are serving then how can we be communicating to (1) let them know we exist, (2) we have the solution they are seeking, and (3) communicate with them in a manner which engages and entices them to your offerings? I don’t have a clue how anyone can do this without identifying their ideal customer for the questions I just posed in part one, as well as so many more…

Know Thy Customer

Again, we will over-simplify here. So let’s do it a little differently from all the other postings and jump into my discovery of these questions and then, of course, you would begin to dig into yours as well 🙂

Self-Discovery of The Business Rescue Coach re: YOUR Ideal Customer

1. What is the best way to communicate to them?

In my case, business owners and leaders don’t have a great deal of time to “dig into” things; therefore, the best way to communicate with them is to provide communications in shorter snippets. Short snippets which are relevant to them are best. Options: (a) tweets, (b) articles, (c) blogs, (d) text messages, (e) basic and concise wisdom sharing in group settings or online group conversations, (f) brief newsletters, and (g) emails.

For my clients the on-demand concept is a strong component of the best way to communicate with them. Why? Time…. they are typically responding to which fires need to be put out throughout their day in between managing their own productivity. Another key element: create communications which are relevant and time sensitive to what is occurring in their world, BUT not necessarily immediate… or even worse – urgent! Providing information to clients/customers that provides them mega-value is crucial to you successfully communicating with your clients.

Note: Effective communication is a two-way street. It is not about what you want to say or even when you want to say it- be more considerate of your customer than that 🙂 Make sure that whatever you want to say, will land on your customer in a way that moves them to action. It must be all about how they will receive the message you send.

Self-Discovery Questions for YOU:

1. Now it’s your turn to take the time and do what I did with the above question!

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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