July 2


Business Strategy: Properly Timed Customer Appreciation

Do you know how to express your appreciation to your customers?
When is it best to properly express your customer appreciation?

Your current customers are of utmost value to your business. Do you treat them that way? On Friday I was at a fabulous Lunch and Learn for WI Business Owners and the guest speaker was sharing some outstanding suggestions on how to generate greater sales.

He spoke of how to handle objections before they appear and other wonderful things I actually learned 15+ years ago from the organization he represented. In that regard it was a great review! It also reminded me that I should pull out their material and review it again… just like I spoke about in one of last week’s posting on how to increase sales through confidence.

Here’s the funny part: I really couldn’t contain myself any longer when he spoke of customer appreciation. He asked, “When is good to express appreciation?” Some answers were typical, “right after you close the sale”, “within 24 hours”, “before you service them again”, or “between the call and they need you again”. All are accurate, but some are better than others – depends on your business and your customers’ expectations.

Then, he totally let the cat out of the bag on
MY Customer Appreciation Business Strategy:
A Thanksgiving Card to Every Customer

Why send a card out at Thanksgiving Time?

  • People are more receptive to receiving at that time
  • Beat the Christmas Chaos
  • Don’t want to “get lost in the crowd”
  • Want customers to see it as authentic versus an obligation
  • Boost your year-end sales
  • It’s giving thanks “time” season (duh)
  • I am appreciative for allowing me to serve them
  • Local folks either get something from my kitchen before or after the Holidays

This is the best time of the year to do your Appreciation Campaign.

Tip: Make it appropriate for you customer. AND don’t forget about them during the rest of the year either.  AGAIN:  What would your customer see as value?

Your Business Rescue Coach Asks YOU:
What is your NEW Business Strategy for Customer Appreciation?

Have fun developing a new strategy – it’s worth it 🙂  Please share one idea in the comment section.

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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